Picture of Musical and light up felt board
Materials List

Keep in mind, I purchased many of the felt materials pre-made, but you could definitely make them yourself and it would probably be cheaper. :)

“Soft” Materials
2 12”x18” Gray Easy Felt $0.79/each
1 9”x12” Summer Felt Rectangle $0.50
1 9”x12” Glimmer White Felt Rectangle $0.25
1 apple tree $4.50
1 package of felt flowers $4.50
1 package of felt leaves $4.50
1 spool conductive thread 234/34 4 ply $34.95
1 spool conductive thread  117/17 2 ply  $39.95  Tip:  You can purchase this spool only. I had access to both the 4 and 2 ply. I prefer the 4 ply for sewing the stitches, but the 2ply will work. You will need the 2ply to make your stroke sensor, so if you can only purchase one spool, make it the 2 ply.
1 package of felt star stickers (purchased at Hobby Lobby)
1 piece of neoprene (it should be the kind you would make wetsuit out of, it should be soft and spongy)
3 packages of different colored star buttons (purchased at Hobby Lobby)
1 package of Velcro dots (purchased at Hobby Lobby)
1 bottle of fabric glue (purchased at Hobby Lobby)
1 package of iron-on adhesive (purchased at Hobby Lobby)
Stretch conductive fabric OR aluminum foil

“Hard” Materials
1 LilyPad SimpleSnap Protoboard $29.95
1 LilyPad Arduino SimpleSnap $9.95
1 LilyPad Twinkle $6.95
1 LilyPad Tiny $6.95
1 LilyPad Buzzer $7.95
2 LilyPad Coin Cell Battery Holder – Switched $5.95/each
1 LilyPad Coin Cell Battery Holder $4.95
Lily Pad LEDs. I used red, blue, yellow, pink, and green. $4.95 for each package. You will get 5 lights per package.
1 LilyPad FTDI board $14.95
1 craft knife
1 needle (a thicker needle works best)
1 pair of scissors