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Hello everyone

Have you ever encountered a situation where you went with friends to the beach at night  or maybe some  friend's apartment and he had no  stereo system?

It happened to me, and it sucks! 

So , i decided to build one !    

although it weights 6.5 Kilo , You Grab it with both your  hands , put the music at Max and have the best time !


Step 1: Shopping List

Picture of Shopping List

Materials :

1X1 meter of Plexiglas , preferable Transparent
screws & nuts - a lot!
12V 7 amp Batteries , preferred 2 for longer operation
Lepai Amp from eBay
12V Charger for the Battery -eBay
Speakers - i got the Pioneer 4.5" as Woofer / Mid-range  and a pair of Teac t20 Tweeters 
Volt-meter - ( not shown yet , but will be attached later )
Wiring for speakers
Iphone Dock
Aluminum Angles - comes in 3 Meter length - - for connecting the Plexiglas sides to each other

Tools :

Driller and electric screwdriver
Jigsaw - most important instrument - make sure you cut the Plexiglas with a refined saw (designated for steel)
A pair of clamps
Drill bits -  different sizes
Tin snips + a pair of working gloves so you wont cut yourself 
Soldering iron - for the wiring
Hot Glue

Time ,Patience , and lots and lots of Coffee !!

Step 2: Cut the Plxiglas

Picture of Cut the Plxiglas

Start by planning the general size of your future to be Boombox.

Measure the inner diameter of your speakers , and accordingly mark it with the Caliber or some other ruler on the Plexiglas

Prepare the driller and and the jigsaw ,and off we go our way


Step 3: Cutting the Aluminum Angles

Picture of Cutting the Aluminum Angles

cut the aluminum with Tin snips .

* please be cautious 

Step 4: Drill Holes in the Aluminum and Plexiglas

Picture of Drill Holes in the Aluminum and Plexiglas

Make sure you grab the Aluminum angles to some tight ground , only then Drill !

Use a special drill bit for metal, that way  the hole will be accurate and round , and  probably will take less time to drill.

Step 5:

Picture of

after i finished the drilling , i took the Aluminum angles and attached them to the Plexiglas  with bolts and nuts


Step 6: Moved Forward

Picture of Moved Forward

Continue  sawing slowly , be careful not to brake the Plexiglas ,it`s a very delicate material and it might crack easily .

Step 7: Strengthen the Boombox by Adding an Additional Middle Rib

Picture of Strengthen the Boombox by Adding an Additional Middle Rib

Step 8: Prepare the Bottom .

Picture of Prepare the Bottom .

since i plan to put two 12V batteries at the bottom , and they are heavy .we need to create a strong durable Plexiglas bottom.

I took two Plexiglas pieces , attached them to each other , drilled holes for the stand , and attached them to the sides with the Aluminum profiles

Step 9: Create an Upper Case Door , With Hinges

Picture of Create an Upper Case Door , With Hinges

On top of the upper case i plan to put the Lepai amp and some Docking station for the iPhone

Step 10: Upper Look

Picture of Upper Look

I just put inside the Batteries in order to see if they sit properly 

Step 11: Last Steps of Drilling

Picture of Last Steps of Drilling

before you take the Nylon off , it would be wise ( not like i did )  to finish with the Drilling . god forbids i`ll scratch it ;)

Step 12: Pealing Off the Protective Nylon of the Plexiglas

Picture of Pealing Off the Protective Nylon of the Plexiglas

I pealed off the protecting nylon layer of the Plexiglas .

I had to unscrew all the bolts and nuts in order to get rid of the excess layers of nylon.

Step 13: Still Pealing Off

Picture of Still Pealing Off

Step 14: Assembling All the Pieces Back Together

Picture of Assembling All the Pieces Back Together

Without the Nylon

Step 15: Mounting the Speakers

Picture of Mounting the Speakers

Step 16: Almost Ready ...

Picture of Almost Ready ...

all i need is to wire the speakers and tweeters do some  good soldering

Step 17: Hot Glue on the Tweeters

Picture of Hot Glue on the Tweeters

This thing sticks like charm!

At some point i decided to replace to old tweeters with a set of Teac T20 .

It was quite tricky the issue of releasing the grip of the Hot Glue from the Tweeters and the Plexiglas.

after Gooooogling for a while i found  a quick Cool way to remove the Glue

Alcohol ! 

 You just put  tiny tiny tiny little drop on the Glue and in seconds it releases it`s grip , like taking candy from a baby :)

Step 18: Soldering Ends to Wires and Connecting the Batteries in Parallel

Picture of Soldering Ends to Wires and Connecting the Batteries in Parallel

Make sure that you did some good Soldering in here, we don`t want it to disconnect and perhaps make us some Short circuit .

I connected the batteries in Parallel in order to give me higher Amps . Total of 14 Amps
Still i will have 12 Volt direct and stable current

Step 19: Inside Look

Picture of Inside Look

Step 20: Charging Moment

Picture of Charging Moment

After charging it for a few hours  ,the batteries gave me a reading of 13.2  Watts and 14 Amps

After 8 hours of playing the Boombox  i checked the Voltage with the Volt-Meter and the reading was 12.89 !!


Step 21: Done! - the Video ( HD Recommended ) - Would Love to Hear You Comments :) + VOTE


Mavamaarten (author)2013-03-02

Looks awesome!

mangomango (author)2013-02-19

This is pure sexy. I love how it's acrylic and you can see all the components

RoeyLeon (author)mangomango2013-02-20


loved your work - Inventor-Deadmau5 Head

mkaiwartya (author)2013-02-18

hi thanks foe sharing your ideas with us

Gabse (author)2013-01-26

That looks like my pc-case (sharkoon acryl-showcase). Looks rearly cool, i like it.

RoeyLeon (author)Gabse2013-01-26

it is actually the size of a Desktop computer ...

I`m thinking about mounting him a pair of wheels so i can roll it over from place to place instead of lifting it ;)

Gabse (author)RoeyLeon2013-01-29

God ideal :-)

truliwicked (author)2013-01-24

If this isn't sweet...I don't know what is! I love to see electronics made with Plexiglass. Wish I had the tools, time and patience.

RoeyLeon (author)truliwicked2013-01-24

appreciate it ;)

Go for it , don`t waste time , invest in your self and start expressing your thoughts

james.m.k (author)2013-01-24

Very cool!
Very nice looking enclosure too!

Takes me back to my post high-school days when a friend and I used to make and sell sub-woofers, mostly for cars!

RoeyLeon (author)james.m.k2013-01-24


that sounds very cool !

believe me , this whole building of speakers , and boombox`s , and especially the things you see on this site makes me wanna build another one!

timpa97 (author)2017-08-27

Here is one more

EastWarez (author)2014-07-11

Nice build!!!

I love that you can see the internals

but to make it a bit more portable you should have used a like 2 of those in parallel i think you need 12v? than that would be an better option? Those car acid batteries are really heavy! but you choice =P Still a nice build!

WillERoberts (author)2013-08-15

What is the bass like with this? By watching the video the bass almost sounds non-existent. But i assume that's just due to sound quality.

RoeyLeon (author)WillERoberts2013-08-15

your right!

the bass is actually very surprising . it is very rich and soft and not cold and hard.

it is all due to the Reflex port location and the middle partition , it gives the woofers a better sound

WillERoberts (author)RoeyLeon2013-08-15

did you ever play music before you cut the reflex port?

RoeyLeon (author)WillERoberts2013-08-16


and the sound was rubbish/

well at least the BASS was awful .

you must let the Membranes " Breath " they are moving in and out , and the whole concept of Acoustics is give the sound waves the ability to move freely in the box

either way , the sound is much better with a Reflex port \

WillERoberts (author)RoeyLeon2013-08-16

I've made an ammo box speaker (my profile picture) but i haven't put a reflex port on it. My problem is knowing where to put it, any ideas? i was thinking on the side of the box where the lid catch is but i don't know. There is a whole science of reflex ports, so any help would be appreciated!

RoeyLeon (author)WillERoberts2013-08-16

Well you are right about the science issue of those reflex ports

to get the best sound we need to have a professional lab , with a few guys who know a thing or two about acoustics

first i have seen already your boombox and it`s awesome!

second , i would have make a small 3x3 reflex port between the speakers ( top side )

or a better way - on the internal side ( where the air freshener is )
cut a small 3x3 hole( even a 4x4 ) , put a round tube and get it to come all the way over the middle ( above the battery )

i read an article about tubing inside a woofer box and it`s very complex , but it`s better then just making a hole.

attached is picture

WillERoberts (author)RoeyLeon2013-08-16

I'm just a bit hesitant of cutting a hole as once it is cut then i can't go back. I have just ordered 2 more ammo boxes so maybe i'll transfer the guts into that one and put a port on it. I'll let you know how things turn out!

RoeyLeon (author)2013-08-16

the pictures

GuestPolis (author)2013-07-15

Nvm I read it again and found it

GuestPolis (author)2013-07-13

I'm completely new to this but I'm slowly collecting materials to build my own rig. So I would like to know what kind of 12v battery you are using or what you would recommend.

cartergalbreath (author)2013-05-11

How good is the sound

Ben Mighall (author)2013-02-22

Is there a cheaper way to get decent speakers for this?

RoeyLeon (author)Ben Mighall2013-04-17


sorry for replying only now

if you plan on building one then the total cost is about 300$ ...

take your time ...

i do think that there is some way to reduce the overall cost of this project ..

houstonwild16 (author)2013-04-16

Hey, I'm just wondering, A.) what thickness of acrylic you used, and B.) what the outer dimensions of the case are? Any help is appreciated.

RoeyLeon (author)houstonwild162013-04-17

well the thickness is 1cm
on the bottom i used double sided Plexiglas ( due to the weight of the batteries )

the outer dimensions are : height --> 60cm width--> 25cm depth --> 30cm

weight with batteries and speakers and crossovers and the plexi --> 6.5KG!!!


bmoney41 (author)2013-04-15

I see what you mean about the amp. The head unit should power the speakers alright, but it wouldn't push them. I was hoping to power it with the two 12 volt batteries

bmoney41 (author)2013-04-14

Hey man this idea is awesome! I was thinking about building this for my college dorm room, and I was wondering if you liked my ideas. I definitely want to use acrylic and the aluminum angles. I was going to use two 6 1/2 inch Polk audio 2-way speakers. I was hoping that since it is a 2- way speaker that this would eliminate the need to build a crossovers for the tweeters because it is built in to the speaker.(I don't feel like I could create that lol + it would save money). And instead of the mini amp I was thinking about installing a single-din stereo head unit in the upper front. That way I would be able to receive fm/am/aux/cd/Bluetooth/and a remote. The speakers could also be easily installed to the back of the head unit. The only thing I was confused about is how to wire the power supply...but how do you like the idea? (I also want to add blue led lights on the bottom) (the front panel would have the two speakers and the head unit)

RoeyLeon (author)bmoney412013-04-14

that sounds awesome!

but i don`t konw if the head unit will be able to push the speakers .

if you plan on building some boombox , i would recommend to attach it with some small AMP .
take a look at what i installed : Lepai LP-2020A+ 2 Channel Amplifier : search for it on eBay , it will cost 22$ at most . and it can give you great output

if you have a built in crossovers then you saved money ! that good ,


do you plan on running it via batteries? or via an electric output?

rush_elixir (author)2013-02-06

hey cool boombox. You can make it cooler by putting LED lights inside for ultimate awesomeness

RoeyLeon (author)rush_elixir2013-02-06



i have ordered already from eBay some LED boards !

it will look awesome!

mhansen5 (author)2013-02-03

This looks awesome man! Great job!

For your positive wires going to the midrange/woofer from the crossover, are those coils around a magnet or are they just coiled up around a regular spool?

RoeyLeon (author)mhansen52013-02-03

Hey man !

thanks !

actually they are coiled up around a regular spool

before i installed the Crossover the sound was good , but now after the installation , the separation of the frequencies are just awesome , and the change is enormous

sshim1 (author)2013-01-28

so for the coils did u just attach the ends of the wire

RoeyLeon (author)sshim12013-01-29

actually it`s a simple connection, i have attached a small drawing for u

pgautam (author)2013-01-27

Hey I have one small question,Does this glass enclosure able to provide the same out put provided by the wooden enclosure or any changes in the audio quality ??

& another thing is i have sent you an private message,did u see that ??

RoeyLeon (author)pgautam2013-01-27


sent you a private message

The glass enclosure actually provides quite good isolation, and thus gives me a pretty good sound.

I don`t think that you can compare it to some wooden box , since wood and Plexiglas don`t react the same to sound waves..

vincentn1818 (author)2013-01-27

great build, u should do a video build or a more thorough instructable. nice job again

RoeyLeon (author)vincentn18182013-01-27


In the next project i plan to put some video with a wider view on the hole process of work

Thanks again !

jrigvd (author)2013-01-26

Very nice boombox, but its too bad you glued the tweeters in...

RoeyLeon (author)jrigvd2013-01-26


It`s very easy to remove the glue of the tweeters ..
without it they will fall off

pgautam (author)2013-01-24

Hi may i know how much buks it cost you ??

RoeyLeon (author)pgautam2013-01-24

Hey there

It cost me something like 270 $....

~MBCENT~ (author)2013-01-24

you could maybe use an old computer tower instead of buying all the angle pieces

RoeyLeon (author)~MBCENT~2013-01-24

Thought about it , but when i saw the Plexiglas in front of me ,it just seen like the right time to use this material ..

Next time i will make my life easier and use an old Housing of a computer

thanks for the TIP!

danzo321 (author)2013-01-24

You may not realize it but this serves as an internal baffle, very beneficial for breaking up standing sound waves and effectively eliminating the need to stuff box with some sort of insulation.

RoeyLeon (author)danzo3212013-01-24


I actually did not know that
i was thinking to fill the back side of the speakers with some Mineral wool ( if i`m not mistaken it is made especially for isolation ).

do you recommend to do that ? or to stay in the current state ?

danzo321 (author)RoeyLeon2013-01-24

Pink fiberglass seems to work the same as cushion polyfill. Try some and judge whether it helps.

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