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Hi Instructables!  This Photo Instructable is just to show you some ceramics that I made this summer in a camp that was a week long.  There are still a few more that I have not gotten back yet and I may update this instrucable when I do get them back.  Well, anyways, I'm entering this in the epilog challenge because I have wanted a laser cutter ever since I knew they existed, and am interested to see if I could burn patterns into terra cotta peices.  Please vote for me if you enjoy my instructable.


bajablue (author)2011-08-27

I love your work. I'd really like to see a step-by-step Instructable showing me how to do this! 5 Stars!!!

Thanks! I can't really do a step by step instructable, seeing as I dont have a studio and can't really bring a camera into the BAC. The snakes and walrus are all made from slabs, the snakes being cut out and bent into shape and the body of the walrus being made from two skinnier slabs stuck together and the top one having triangles cut out so it tapers off.

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