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ras-12962 years ago
Would like to see you do some more step-by-step instructables....although you are lazy :P Wooden spinning tops, pens, or any of the other things you make would be great. You would be able to get a ton more views!
NathanaelScheffler (author)  ras-12962 years ago
robin i shouldnt have made you an instructables account.
happyjo3 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
NathanaelScheffler (author)  happyjo3 years ago
Yep, he's great.
So, what is his name? :D
NathanaelScheffler (author)  happyjo3 years ago
Aw, I love his curli-cue hair!
NathanaelScheffler (author)  happyjo3 years ago
he's a labradoodle, but he got the poodle's hair.
Oh my gosh! A labradoodle???!!!! That is so awesome! :D He is such a sweetie!
Dr. Pepper3 years ago
NathanaelScheffler (author)  Dr. Pepper3 years ago
 Well, Hello to You  TOO! :D
How are you?
NathanaelScheffler (author)  Dr. Pepper3 years ago
Great! How 'bout you?

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