My daughter loves Finding Nemo, so when she asked to go trick-or-treating as Nemo, with her dad dressed as Marlin, I whipped up these super easy no-sew clownfish costumes from orange hoodies, some cheap felt, and hot glue!

They really are easy, I promise: the hardest part is sourcing an orange hoodie.  I made these Nemo costumes by trial and error the day before Halloween while my 7-week-old baby napped, so with the benefit of my experience you can turn your family into clownfish in no time flat.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Materials Needed:
1 orange hoodie (zip or pull-over are both fine)
1 yard white felt (more for a bigger human)
1 yard black felt
1/2 yard orange felt (I repurposed some felt pumpkin trick-or-treat bags from the 99c store)
small bag of fiberfill, styrofoam peanuts, crumpled newspaper, bits of cloth, or other light-weight poofy stuff
orange and white face paint

Tools Needed:
Hot glue & hot glue gun (or sewing machine, but we're being lazy here)
Stapler, needle & thread, or sewing machine (for more firmly attaching tail)
Rotary cutter or scissors for cutting strips
Flexible measuring tape
<p>Thank you so much for sharing these instructions! My daughter loved it! </p>
<p>Also - check your Instructables messages for the 1-year premium membership!</p>
<p>Hooray! She looks great, and especially with her octopus friend. </p><p>Thank you for sharing your pictures.</p>
This is just too adorable! I love it!! Thank you for sharing this amazing work! :D
Thank you!
It would have been nice to use an iridescent or scotchlite reflective fabric for the white stripes. Wouldn't want the big guy to get hit by a car when wandering around in the middle of the street.
That is a brilliant idea. Er, a bright idea. I mean, upon reflection, I certainly wish I'd done exactly that.
me gusta!

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