Introduction: Old Washing Machine Drum Coffe Table

Used Materials :
One old washing machine drum
Screws, Nuts
Light Bulb
Lamp Holder
Three Wheel
1,5m cable
Power socket
2 jack                                 


Penolopy+Bulnick made it!(author)2012-10-03

I've never seen anything like this! It's a wonderful design :)

Meglymoo87 made it!(author)2017-02-07

This looks SOOOOO cool! Great job!

KevinS242 made it!(author)2016-04-12

what did you use to make the wholes in the glass for the screws to go through it?

msel made it!(author)2016-04-19


I used glass cutting drill bit

Yonatan24 made it!(author)2016-04-14

This looks great! Thanks for sharing!

rathodnv made it!(author)2014-02-09

Awesome! Super cool looking Fantastic idea I made one of these with an old stainless LG washing machine & i ll made it Thanks a lot for great idea Thanks Instrctables also for given sch great great this made easy Nayan Rathod

msel made it!(author)2014-02-09

You're welcome :)

zomfibame made it!(author)2013-05-03

I love this. great idea; I wonder, with the light inside it if you could put a dimmer-switch to adjust the lighting.

pwilson01 made it!(author)2013-03-08

I held on to one of these for a long time, thinking it was a beautiful thing. Well done for going above and beyond.

sensoryhouse made it!(author)2012-11-12

Awesome! Super cool looking! I made one of these with an old stainless Electrolux vacuum a few years ago. You can get a really cool effect by filling it with colored bottles. And LEDs won't get as hot.

caarntedd made it!(author)2012-10-07

This is great. The only other uses I've seen for these tubs are pots/garden beds for planting stuff in, and my personal favourite, the backyard fire drum. With all the holes in it, the fire roars and the drum glows red.

boston7513 made it!(author)2012-10-14

backyard fire drum, that's what I did with ours, much better than a oil drum

caarntedd made it!(author)2012-10-18

As long as you dont put plastic wheels on the bottom. I used bricks.

patron_zero made it!(author)2012-10-03

That's very, very cool !

przem made it!(author)2012-09-29

Good job and good example of reuse!
But using a normal socket as a power INPUT an plug as an OUTPUT is farrrrr away form safety :-)
You should better use a computer power socket (like this: and an appropriate power cord (source it form old computer and you will have another reused part)
And this socket you have may remain in it's place and serve as a socket for your laptop etc

Best regards!

msel made it!(author)2012-09-29

Thank you for your comment and suggestion

You are right but I did not find your said pc power socket, when I find I will change :)

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