At the DIY Divas upholstered ottoman workshop yesterday we were discussed recycling. One of the ladies mentioned how to make party favours using the base of a plastic bottle. Not quite understanding what she meant, I experimented with different ways and lo and behold, you can make fantastic party favour containers with a plastic bottle. Here is my first attempt. A bright candy pink party favour with a black butterfly.

Step 1:

You can use any size of plastic bottle depending on whether you want small or large party favour containers. I am using a 2-litre plastic bottle. You need to cut off the top section of the bottle as shown left and you can use the marks on the bottle as a guide.

Some bottles have vertical indents and you can use these to cut lines down to the base. If your bottle doesn't have any indents, divide into 5 equal sections.

Keep your cut a distance of 3cm away from the line that marks the cup shape at the bottom of the bottle. Don't worry if you get it wrong the first time - you can use the base for another project.
Love it!
How do you keep the container closed? Is there a trick to the folding or do you glue it shut?
When you fold over the little flaps it stays closed on its own. It really it amazing as it snaps closed easily.
love these! :)
fairly simple but effective, I like it :)

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