Picture of Pallet Breaker
If you have more than a couple of pallets to break up, this tool will save a lot of time.

I welded it up from scrap I had in the shop (bed frame angle iron, black pipe, square tubing, shovel handle).  Lots of different scrap will work.  Make sure to make your forks wide enough so you can get around a 4 inch stringer. 

In the beginning, if your pallet boards are too close together to fit the breaker, go ahead and knock the first one out with a hammer from behind. 

Bed frames and old yard tools are great raw materials.  Cruise Freecycle.
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Gareth01231 year ago
The patents, registered designs, design rights and copyrights for Pallet Dismantling/Stripping bars already belong to me. Yes I make and sell them commercially, and I ship them all over the world.

Patents do not keep people from making something for themselves.

Verga Gareth01232 months ago

No offense intended unless you have U.S. patents and are willing to sue a whole lot of other manufactures that already do have US copyright you really don't have a leg to stand on. Further why would I spend $135 for something that I can make in less than 2 hours for about $5.00 (including gas money and travel time?

I agree took me less then 5 mins


Yeah, good luck with enforcing that.

Good luck trying to enforce your patent rights!!!!!

$140 for a gadget to tear apart pallets? That's ludicrous. Yeah, I think I'll build my own. This one looks like it's gonna cost me about $15 in time.
tpagels1 month ago

I made one. Used bed frame and an old really heavy chainlink fence post. Worked OK till I hit pallets that had serious nails to it. Then my welds broke! I'm going to modify the design to add tails off the back which I can step on and add leverage. That or saw the nails off and hammer them out with a punch......

terrorzord1 month ago

Ha ha I invented hammers and now I'm rich.

Giovanni138 made it!1 month ago

I made this and kind of an over kill but it is what I had laying around and took me at the most 5 minutes to make. I spent more time finding some one to take these awesome pictures.

I used the following items:

2x2 HR 1/8 angle for the forks

2 inch 1/4 wall DOM what the fork rotates on

1-1/2 Sch 80 for the handle

I think I'll powder coat it next.

Boom I saved myself $135 by doing it myself. Don't Hate Fabricate!

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gvitrano made it!3 months ago
tank for idea.
anyone know where i could get one that does NOT cost 40 i don't have the equipment skill or time to build this :)

you'll need to purchase one then and $40 is about cost for materials and

Phil B1 year ago
Very interesting. Someone posted one of these quite some time back. That one used much heavier materials. I am glad to know that you did not need heavier stock and more welds with more bracing.
kz1 Phil B1 year ago
I remember when the heavier one was posted. He took that design and went commercial with it. I think he was from England?? Great design though. I use a lot of pallet wood for various projects and this tool definitely makes the job easier and save a lot of wood that is usually lost due to splintering a splitting.
DIRKFOUR kz18 months ago


113.99 US Dollar plus shipping from UK

DIRKFOUR8 months ago

PLENTY available on line to order sir! :)

ThothLoki made it!9 months ago

made one like this. Thanks for the idea with the bed frame use.

halimaw969 months ago

Great idea! For this with no welding skills, a drill and a couple bolts will easily do the trick. I made mine out of pre-fab aluminum angle scraps from my local school's shop, and a few bolts. Now it's just a question of attaching the dowel to it...

bondogmom10 months ago

For anyone that has taken pallets apart this is a wonderful thing. For those of you who have not tried, they can be very difficult to dismantle. Find a friend to weld this for you. I wish I had one of these decades ago!

I'm in the u.s., I build chicken coops out of the pallets they ship lawnmowers and quads on. I've been whacking at it with claw hammers, flat bars, and a 6lb sledge for years. I'm going to build this today. my back...

poundpuppy10 months ago

I use a sawzall and cut nails

Oh and it cost me £0, in dollars that would be $0. Bloody brilliant.

Great idea!!!! This will be the first project for my new wire wwelder.....figuring out the cost must have been tough but I'm seeing a pattern. I crunnched the numbers and it also came out 0 pesos and 0 baht

Just to say, I made one after reading your ible, bloody brilliant. Used a bit of scaffold pole instead of wooden pole just to be stronger. Out of 8 pallets, I broke no boards with the tool. My welding sucks, but it does the job ;-) thanks for sharing.
diverdan171 year ago

Built this about 8 months ago, have minimal welding skills. Believe I did an awesome job and finally had an opportunity to use it today. Tore up a pallet in about 5 minutes :)

darren83061 year ago

Drat. I can't believe I didn't find this before posting my version. :)
The wooden handle is a nice touch. Great idea

Great tool I made one from scrap I had cost me $0.00. Tried it once. The Woden handle broke. Luckily I used a threaded pipe nipple so I screwed a piece of pipe. When I tried it the nails pulled through the board
imthegrt11 year ago
Does it split the wood bad.
I usually use a sawsaw to just cut the nails
fcharest11 year ago
thank you for the idea ! now we're ready to start crafting

here's mine !
pallet breaker (1).jpgpallet breaker.jpg
popeurbanx1 year ago
Man! How cool is this!! You should either make them to sell or licence someone to do so. I'd buy one in a second.
The patents, registered designs, design rights and copyrights for Pallet Dismantling/Stripping bars already belong to me. Yes I make and sell them commercially, and I ship them all over the world.
tmoney4381 year ago
Any measurement suggestions On the fork length? Guess they need to be as wide as the boards your prying, but pallets have skinny and wide boards. I may make mine reversible, one side long enough for the wide boards.
We have a couple pallets and were just trying to figure out how to break it down without destroying the boards. Here's our answer!
Skaishadow1 year ago
Great job. Wish this was at Home Depot...I'd buy it (no welding skills)
modern man1 year ago
Nice execution! Could also be used to remove deck boards when re-surfacing (as long as they are not screwed on)
it's like "why didn't I think of that" we'll done sir :)
perkrwd1 year ago
I like it Allot !
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