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If you have more than a couple of pallets to break up, this tool will save a lot of time.

I welded it up from scrap I had in the shop (bed frame angle iron, black pipe, square tubing, shovel handle).  Lots of different scrap will work.  Make sure to make your forks wide enough so you can get around a 4 inch stringer. 

In the beginning, if your pallet boards are too close together to fit the breaker, go ahead and knock the first one out with a hammer from behind. 

Bed frames and old yard tools are great raw materials.  Cruise Freecycle.

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i mean pipe thickness of 2mm

Hi would a 2mm stub pipe be ok?

Anyone think of just cutting up an older trenching shovel, in case they cant weld for whatever reason. I could see it bending, but if ya think its to much just get out your pry bar for the tougher ones.

Genius!! Thanks for sharing this brilliant idea! :)

Simple yet practical. Cool idea

The patents, registered designs, design rights and copyrights for Pallet Dismantling/Stripping bars already belong to me. Yes I make and sell them commercially, and I ship them all over the world.

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awesome that you have patents good for you but thats FOR YOUR product. your cargo cycles product. that doesnt mean you have rights to every single pallet dismantling tool. plus you might not even have patents for here in the U.S. seriously tho good for you for having your specific pallet breaker patents :) but you dont own every single pallet breaker ever.

No offense intended unless you have U.S. patents and are willing to sue a whole lot of other manufactures that already do have US copyright you really don't have a leg to stand on. Further why would I spend $135 for something that I can make in less than 2 hours for about $5.00 (including gas money and travel time?

$140 for a gadget to tear apart pallets? That's ludicrous. Yeah, I think I'll build my own. This one looks like it's gonna cost me about $15 in time.

A good video, but I was waiting for him to step on the nails, I know I would have!

also you shouldn't hit hammer faces together as they can chip/shatter

A friend of mine built a similar tool from two pry bars, a piece of wood, and a couple of zip ties.

I don't have a link to a pic, but it's pretty straightforward if you find yourself in the hardware department.