Paper airplanes are wonderful little creations that just about anyone can make. Whether you're a student or a professor, you can still find uses for these fun aircraft. With their fundamentally cheap materials, paper airplanes are perhaps the least expensive entertainment ever made. Because the materials are so cheap and ubiquitous, it is an easy, low-cost pastime anyone can approach. 

Here are a few great models you can develop the ultimate origami aircraft from!

Paper Plane! style
In this instructable I will show you how to make a nice paper aeroplane. Its very simple and only requires 1 sheet of A4 paper! *Purple Guy*
How To Make The Vigilante Paper Airplane style
Fast, long range and versatile, the Vigilante is a great plane for someone who doesn't know exactly what type of flights they want when making the airplane. In addition to its fast flight abilities, t...
How To Make The Havoc Paper Airplane style
Fast, long range and simple, the Havoc is a smooth flying paper airplane that can fly almost any mission. This plane is very adaptable and as a result its a great backyard buccaneer and an excellent c...
F-14 Tomcat Paper Airplane style
Almost everyone out there has at one time or another folded and flown paper airplanes.  That's because they are simple (most of them) and fun to fly.  This model is based on a design I got from a bo...
Cicada Paper-air-plane style
I have named this the cicada plane because the nose resembles a cicada! When adjusted correctly it will fly in an eradic manner just like a cicada would in real life, it can even fly upside down! The ...
Build the Barnaby Paper Aeroplane style
The barnaby flyer paper aeroplane was named after Capt. Ralph S. Barnaby (USN Ret.) (naturally). Paper aeroplanes are very cool and impressive, so impressive that there are international paper aeropl...
Paper Hangar's - The Bat style
This is a glider type paper airplane brought to you by PaperHangar.com. This paper airplane is one of our favorites at PaperHangar and we hope you enjoy it as well. It is easy to fold and fly. Stick a...
How To Make The Skystreak Paper Airplane style
The Skystreak is a fast, long range flying wing paper airplane. TAA USAF Designation: F85-1
How To Make The Manta Paper Airplane style
Fast, long range and stealthy, the Manta is a flying wing paper airplane that would be a great supplement to anyone's paper air force. Developed from the Super Omniwing, the Manta is designed as ...
CanardWings - a variation of Paperang, a cool paperplane/glider style
This is a variation of the famous Paperang. I found the Paperang works, but does not fly as well despite tweaking the trailing edge. I began to explore to see if I can somehow create a pair of canard...
Paper Space Shuttle style
Hey guys! A quick little Instructible for those of you who want your own personal flying shuttle! Hopefully, we can keep this amazing space explorer flying a little longer. I'll be adding more detail...
Paper ground effect vehicle #2 style
After making #1, I was sure I could do better. Skimming smoothly over a perfectly smooth floor isn't really too much of an achievement. So #2 was designed to hover higher and thus be able to tackle th...
How To Make a Paper Airplane From A4/Letter size style
Unlike most paper airplanes who start from square this one works and looks much better when made of A4 or Letter sheet of paper. I have no name for this one, it's inherited from the Stealth. When made...
How To Make The UltraSpectre Paper Airplane style
Fast, long range and versatile, the UltraSpectre is an extremely adaptable paper airplane that can perform all sorts of feats. It is no doubt one of my most multirole airplanes and is likely to be one...