Introduction: Parallax Sweeping Knight Rider Lights.

 This is a set of parallax knight rider style lights i built. I used a parallax propellor, which is slightly overkill (it has 8 processing cores.), but it looks awesome.

See my site for more info.


frollard (author)2009-11-28

The Parallax IS overkill - for that I expect pwm and fading :P

Beautiful little project!

gmxx (author)frollard2009-11-28

 it was my first fully hand built and coded project... ive been working out of the parallax propellor education book, so most of the other stuff i have built was from the book.

Erik Lindemann (author)2009-11-27

That's a lot more Star Trek view screen and a lot less KITT. Cool enough though.

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