In case you are unfamiliar with the most amazing new way to physically "check in" to foursquare here is a video that will explain it all:

Mark Your Territory is a fully open-source system but because it interacts with the physical world as well as the digital one, some construction is necessary beyond just simply downloading the app to your phone.

The main project site is here: http://www.markyourterritory.org/

This project uses the brand new Android ADK (Accessory Development Kit) platform for combining Arduino input with an Android device. Thus the included source code is good to experiment with and provides a basic starting point for anyone getting into

-Android programming
-Arduino programming
-Using Google's new Accessory Development Kit
-Basic Sensing
-Using the foursquare API
-Printing colored designs with a laser cutter

(though my code is pretty messy)
If you are interested in the code aspect of this project check out the step labeled "Hacking the Code"

*NOTE: Remember that Physical Check-ins may not be recognized by many establishments. If you want to claim an area, stake something in the ground, or pee on property you don't own, you are taking your own legal risks. I'm not responsible for any kind of mess you may get yourself into.

Step 1: Materials Needed

In order to fully use the system you will need the following items:

1) Android Phone
with the MYT app: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.andrewquitmeyer.MarkYourTerritory

2) Arduino board supporting the ADK (Android Development Kit)
compatible boards listed here: http://developer.android.com/guide/topics/usb/adk.html
(I use this one http://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoBoardADK )

3) Arduino firmware for moisture sensing
Available here: http://dwig.lcc.gatech.edu/projects/Quitmeyer/myt/store/Arduino_ADK_SimpleMoistureReader.zip

4) building/electronic/art materials
Silicone (not entirely necessary)
Cornstarch (not entirely necessary)
absorbent sturdy paper
spraypaint + laser cutter (or your own method of screen printing and cutting)
Silver Goauche
9 volt
clothes pin
Person specific plant seeds
heat press (or a bunch of heavy flat things)
LOL! This is a riot to me. If you could make them reusable/automatically resettable, you could teach your dog to pee in certain spots and give him his own FaceBook account.
Why is this a good idea?
however, peeing in public is against the law and will get you a lifetime shame of being a sex offender, cheers
This is a joke, right? Or are there no adults left?
No joke. But it's one of many reasons why I moved to BFE, and took up banging my head against a tree as a hobby.
Magnificent project! A fine, fluid synthesis of byte, bit and bile. I plan to piddle with this soon. You're a wiz!
I've had a lot of piss-pun comments, but you win the prize!
I prefer the pstyle myself.&nbsp; <a href="http://www.thepstyle.com/">http://www.thepstyle.com/</a>
Cool! I had never seen this product! I'll make sure to include it!
First I have to say I love this! Second, have you been able to &quot;check in&quot; this way and not be hassled by &quot;the man&quot;?
If you just go an do your duty and don't make a commotion or anything, most people surprisingly just ignore you
&quot; <em>In the future, the seeds will be genetically engineered to include a genetic watermark containing your personal data, and when people have portable gene scanners this will function much like QR codes do today.</em>&quot;<br> <br> Wow, &quot;666&quot; is finally here.<br> <br> I think this project would be better with spit; i.e., saliva, for the following reasons:<br> <p style="margin-left: 40.0px;"> 1. No gender issue.<br> <br> 2. No law enforcement issues, meaning more opportunities for dispersal and marking. Of course, in the west cities may still have obscure laws about expectorating in public.<br> <br> 3. Saliva contains DNA, the ultimate personal mark.<br> <br> 4. Don't need the seeds.<br> &nbsp;</p> <p> There are some engineering challenges to spit, but I think some clever work would solve them.</p>
Neat ideas, i'll keep them in mind for version 2.0
I saw this and thought of a silent bed wetting alarm.
Great ! <br>Many questions remain unanswered though : <br>1) what about the analog marking of one's territory ? Isn't it the same as the physical one ?&hellip;<br>2) if human specie has severed its link with other species and the physical world, as for marking our territory you must admit this was done a long long time before the digital world came to life : hence my question about the analog world which seems tho have been a halfway house between animal (physical) and digital world.<br>3) Therefore : if you want to make real progress towards reuniting humans with the physical why don't you enhance a more direct way : that is going on all fours and actually smell at street corners and McDonalds. You would get rid of all this digital paraphernalia and leave the analog world altogether to a heaven of simplicity than no human being has ever dreamed of before.<br>4) The main benefit of this would be to see all the McDonalds disappearing from the earth &hellip;&nbsp;thus leaving a better world for future generations.<br>5) However my whole argument (and conversely your project) would be totally useless if we asked the only relevant quesiton about all this : WHY SHOULD ANYONE MARK HIS TERRITORY AROUND A McDONALD ???<br>Greetings and :D :D
Wow, the technological age has really left me in the dust! LOL Cute!
this is both hilarious and awesome.
I prefer to loudly sing and squawk an extemporaneous song in order to lay claim to my McDonald's. Could that be incorporated? :)
Pure genius! (They say it's a fine line)<br> How about using the cardboard egg tray/ box cup's with seeds in the bottom for using feces as a growth medium, as it too is also an effective way of marking territory. The QR coded card can be placed over the top to help prevent attracting too many insects.
Um, would the heat press not denature the seeds and stop them from growing. I think if you can avoid heat would be better!
boy that's a good point! I got some to grow a little bit, but maybe not as well as they would if i didn't cook them first! Thanks for the advice!

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