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The same product cost at the store about 100$ (!)
I made it using an arduino and few componets :

- Arduino pro mini
- 2 X 220ohm resistors
- Copper Tape
- Potentiometer
- Momentary push button
- Piezo Buzzer
- Toggle Switch
- Some Wires

- a Clip

Step 1: The Built

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Well, it is quite eazy, tape to peaces of copper tape very close to each othe but not tuching.
Connect one copper tape piece to the arduino analog pin 3 and to a 220ohm resistor connected to ground (pull down).
connect the other copper tape piece to vcc.

Folow the schematics for the rest of the componets.

The pee closes the cirquite between the two copper tape pieces and sends a signal to the arduino wich sound
an alarm to wake your kid up.

Why should you pay 100$ for it ?

Step 2: Code

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const int sensor = A3;
const int button = 5;
const int buzz = 9;
int sensorValue;
boolean alarmDiss = false;
void setup() {
pinMode (button, INPUT);
pinMode (buzz, OUTPUT);
Serial.begin (9600);
void loop() {
sensorValue = analogRead (sensor);
Serial.println (sensorValue);
if (sensorValue >= 50 && !alarmDiss) {
while (!digitalRead (button)) {
tone (buzz, 800);
delay (200);
noTone (buzz);
delay (200);
alarmDiss = true;
if (digitalRead (button)) {
if (!alarmDiss){
tone (buzz, 800);
if (alarmDiss) {
alarmDiss = false;
noTone (buzz);
delay (1000);
Serial.print ("Alarm Dismiss = ");
Serial.println (alarmDiss);
} else {
noTone (buzz);


udubinsky (author)2016-08-28

you can.
the Arduino is manly for controlling the sounds it makes

cybertype2000 (author)2016-08-28

why do you want to use an arduino for this?
can we not make this with just a simple buzzer, a battery and strips of copper?

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