Phone Macro Photography (HQ - Using LED Lens)





Introduction: Phone Macro Photography (HQ - Using LED Lens)

Here's a quick and easy tutorial on taking macro photography pictures using your smartphone. The lenses work best with cameras having at least 5MP, with autofocus of course.

So whats so special about this mobile macro photography guide?
- I found an ingenious solution. The lense that I'm using is cheap and pretty common. They are the 3W LED (High Power) lenses, they're supposed to be used for lighting, but one day 
 I came with an idea of using these lenses for macro photography.

Step 1: Tools & Materials

Step 2: Measuring the Camera's Indention

We have to measure the camera's embossed position, if not done the lenses would bulge out. After measuring the diameter where the flat surface starts, we now then transfer the measurements to the lens's plastic holder for further cutting.

Step 3:

Use your ruler of circles to transfer the measurements for cutting. Use a rotary tool if necessary. Its best to trim the excess plastic using your Leatherman Multitool's sharp edge.

If any Instructable employee is reading this, I thank all of you for giving me such a great gift (Leatherman)! I was not expecting to receive one since I didn't win a contest. Then again thank you very much! :D

Step 4: Using Adhesive for Mounting the Lenses

With my experience, the only mounting tape that didn't leave any residue was Scotch Adhesive, that's why it's my best choice of double sided (mounting) adhesive.

After cutting some adhesive it is now time to mount the lenses to your cellphone's camera.

Step 5: Your Done! Here Are Some Sample Photos.

Here are some cool sample photos! Enjoy!



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    Whoa. This sounds awesome.


    I know this is an old post, but hopefully, you will find my question and have an answer (I'm no optics expert!)

    I want to try this on the lens of a digital LED projector - so that I might be able to project a larger image (20 inches) from a short distance (10 inches)

    Do you think this might be possible?

    What a great idea! Looking " outside the box". Thank you for posting this. I am a creative photographer, always searching for new ways to capture photos of the micro world as well as the macro world... You are an inspiration

    Thanks! BTW, come back this October, I'm actually conceptualizing an iPhone mount for my telescope :)) Cheers!

    I've done this always with my Sony cam which has a macro position. However I cannot get the pictures so nearby than you did. Thanks for the tip

    Or u can put the lens on a case for the phone

    Yup! Great idea!