Picture of Pooping Reindeer Candy Dispenser
A friend of mine has a "poop moose." It's wooden moose that poops out candy. It gets a lot of laughs, so I thought it'd be fun to make something similar for my kids for Christmas.

The moose I looked at spilled candy out its bum when you lifted its tail. the candy was on a slope inside the belly of the moose, and was held in with a simple flap attached to a pivoting tail piece. If you held the tail up long enough all the candy would come out, although it would often jam and you'd have to shake it loose.

I wanted to make the same sort of thing, only with a slightly more complex mechanism that would dispense a small, measured amount of candy. I also thought it would be a lot more interesting and, uh, "realistic" if you pushed down the head to get it to "poop" as well.

I designed it for M&Ms or Reeces type candies which I figured would be less likely to jam. And why not make it a reindeer so it would fit the whole Santa/Christmas theme too.

With that list of goals, here's what I came up with.

My kids think it's HILARIOUS (they're all boys), but their mom just rolls her eyes at me because of all the jokes, sounds, and comments that now go along with the dispensing of candy.

Step 1: Material

Picture of Material
I began with an 8-foot long, 4" wide by 3/4" thick pine board. I cut it into two 4-foot pieces, and used a bandsaw to rip one of these halves into two approximately 3/8" thick pieces. 

There was quite a bit of trial and error involved with making this, but even so I've still got plenty of material left to make at least two or three more.
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workislove1 year ago
I love this, if I find the time I'm gonna try and make this for my baby cousins.
Couldn't you have put the hole some where else
seamster (author)  partypanda23452 years ago
Where would you recommend?

The whole idea is that it's gross and silly! :)
agguilar2 years ago
I LOVE THIS ONE!!!! Congratulations on winning !!!!
seamster (author)  agguilar2 years ago
Wow, thanks!
Looks like something I would build! I love building dispensers of all types, its a bit of a challenge to get everything working correctly. Really cool project you got there!
seamster (author)  bobthebuilder7282 years ago
Thank you! I had a lot of fun figuring it all out.
triumphman2 years ago
Very cool! Could be a Moose! But a Moose's legs are so long and antlers are immense, he would always be falling over. Just an idea I had! Maybe I'll try a prototype and let you know. Very nice job!
seamster (author)  triumphman2 years ago
Thanks! If you get around to making one, be sure to post a photo here for me to see! Glad you liked this, thanks for the kind comment.
byarotsky2 years ago
Very nice and quite clever. The only thing it is missing are poop sound effects. Now that would amuse the kids.....

Good work.
seamster (author)  byarotsky2 years ago
The kids provide the poop sound effects themselves. That's half the fun! :)
scoochmaroo2 years ago
This is my favorite thing ever. I would make it poop mini tootsie rolls for my enjoyment. p.s. when are you going to finally come and work here. I demand it.
Make it a kitty.
kukubee2 years ago

Make it 'poop' sugar into your tea or coffee. Or nicer - mustard on the steak.
sugarcubes might work
rocketguy2 years ago
I love how the internal mechanism actually approximates the usual internal workings, minus the piston.

Only one critique: Should be a unicorn, as they poop rainbows. It's a known fact! ;)
Then you have to fill it with Skittles.
seamster (author)  rocketguy2 years ago
This reindeer's mom was a unicorn.
zieak2 years ago
This is great!
seamster (author)  zieak2 years ago
Thanks! My kids love it.
Luny2 years ago
I love getting handmade stuff like this, beats store bought every time. I forwarded the link to a 75YO friend who loves doing woodwork and making fantasy metal yard creatures. I can't wait to see where he takes this.
seamster (author)  Luny2 years ago
Pippi! Yes indeed, handmade is always better.
sguarnieri2 years ago
I love it! I'm sooo gonna make one as a Christmas present for next year.
didakus83 months ago

Excelente, Hello Poppy Ann, could you please send the pdf to me also? didakus8@gmai.com


GWorks4 months ago

Hahaha, brilliant xD
I'd love to make this in a Moose-version for a Swedish friend...

Metalfist7 months ago

Haha this is hilarious! I wish I could poop candy x). It would be awesome if you could refill it through his mouth like he ate the candy. I would have liked to see some pattern templates of this though.

seamster (author)  Metalfist7 months ago

I'm working on another version of this (in my mind only, so far!), but for this one I plan to share some patterns and templates. This reindeer was kind of a trial and error thing, and I'm sorry I did't keep any plans for it. A lot of people have asked! : \

oldship8 months ago

Thanks for posting, a nice xmas break thing to make..

Coolcat355219 months ago

cool and i am going to make it pink

Motion FX 2013-02-03 at 10.30.30 AM.png
Coolcat355219 months ago

cool and i am going to make it pink

Motion FX 2013-02-03 at 10.30.30 AM.png
Coolcat355219 months ago


alcurb9 months ago

Congrats!! Looks like a fun project.

I have so many questions, but I'll ask you a few:

1. How did you draw your pattern? Was the shape of the animal all in your head and you drew it free-hand, or did you trace an existing image? I ask because I'd like to transfer the technique to a bear.

2. Having in mind that I have almost no woodworking experience: What tool did you use to make the notches for the antlers and how did you keep them symmetrical so that you don't end up with one antler mounted lower that the other and then keep them at the same opposing angle?

3. What was the most challenging part of this project and how did you overcome that obstacle?

seamster (author)  alcurb9 months ago

Great questions! Let me see if I can give you some good answers.

1. For the image I just did a google search, and drew it up based on what I saw. I didn't trace an image, but based it on a couple of decent side profile shots of caribou. I had to make various changes so the pattern would work in wood. For instance, the legs needed to be much more beefy proportionately than the real animal for instance.

2. For the notch, I made two parallel cuts about a 1/2" into the top of the head with a small pull saw, and used a chisel to chip out the ares between. For gluing the antlers equally... I just eyeballed it. They're pretty close, but probably not perfect.

3. Most challenging part? Probably designing it and getting it to work properly. I think I made at least 4 or 5 versions before I had one that worked how I wanted.

Hope that answered your questions sufficiently. Good luck as you attempt your onw! I'd love to see a photo when you get it done.

Great & cool idea! Waw!

AnastasiaN10 months ago

this thing would be awesome if I had it

tomfairweather made it!11 months ago

Done it. A bit rough and ready but it poops almonds and Grahams fish... Chocolate to come at Christmas. I used springs to keep the head up instead of rubber band. This could perish. The pusher needs some downward sloping to get the last little bits out but seems to work fine. The top loading action works well and the integration of legs makes the whole affair easier to get stable. This would work lovely with some nice wood like oak.

seamster (author)  tomfairweather11 months ago

Nicely done! Thanks for posting the photos.

I like the back hatch for adding candy. That's a great idea!

tomfairweather11 months ago

Hey guys I have made some vector plans of the reindeer. These have just been done and my Illustrator skills are not great so you may need to make some adjustments. The paper size is A3 so you can just print, stick and cut. I have made the legs integral to the body and instead of using a rubber band, which might perish, I will be using a spring against the head. I will upload images of the make soon. i.e. when I have done it...

seamster (author)  tomfairweather11 months ago

Excellent! Thank you for sharing this.

Have you made one? If so, I'd love to see a photo of it.

Not yet. I'm planning on doing it soon

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