Picture of Pooping Reindeer Candy Dispenser
A friend of mine has a "poop moose." It's wooden moose that poops out candy. It gets a lot of laughs, so I thought it'd be fun to make something similar for my kids for Christmas.

The moose I looked at spilled candy out its bum when you lifted its tail. the candy was on a slope inside the belly of the moose, and was held in with a simple flap attached to a pivoting tail piece. If you held the tail up long enough all the candy would come out, although it would often jam and you'd have to shake it loose.

I wanted to make the same sort of thing, only with a slightly more complex mechanism that would dispense a small, measured amount of candy. I also thought it would be a lot more interesting and, uh, "realistic" if you pushed down the head to get it to "poop" as well.

I designed it for M&Ms or Reeces type candies which I figured would be less likely to jam. And why not make it a reindeer so it would fit the whole Santa/Christmas theme too.

With that list of goals, here's what I came up with.

My kids think it's HILARIOUS (they're all boys), but their mom just rolls her eyes at me because of all the jokes, sounds, and comments that now go along with the dispensing of candy.
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Step 1: Material

Picture of Material
I began with an 8-foot long, 4" wide by 3/4" thick pine board. I cut it into two 4-foot pieces, and used a bandsaw to rip one of these halves into two approximately 3/8" thick pieces. 

There was quite a bit of trial and error involved with making this, but even so I've still got plenty of material left to make at least two or three more.
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workislove9 months ago
I love this, if I find the time I'm gonna try and make this for my baby cousins.
Couldn't you have put the hole some where else
seamster (author)  partypanda23451 year ago
Where would you recommend?

The whole idea is that it's gross and silly! :)
agguilar1 year ago
I LOVE THIS ONE!!!! Congratulations on winning !!!!
seamster (author)  agguilar1 year ago
Wow, thanks!
Looks like something I would build! I love building dispensers of all types, its a bit of a challenge to get everything working correctly. Really cool project you got there!
seamster (author)  bobthebuilder7281 year ago
Thank you! I had a lot of fun figuring it all out.
triumphman1 year ago
Very cool! Could be a Moose! But a Moose's legs are so long and antlers are immense, he would always be falling over. Just an idea I had! Maybe I'll try a prototype and let you know. Very nice job!
seamster (author)  triumphman1 year ago
Thanks! If you get around to making one, be sure to post a photo here for me to see! Glad you liked this, thanks for the kind comment.
byarotsky1 year ago
Very nice and quite clever. The only thing it is missing are poop sound effects. Now that would amuse the kids.....

Good work.
seamster (author)  byarotsky1 year ago
The kids provide the poop sound effects themselves. That's half the fun! :)
This is my favorite thing ever. I would make it poop mini tootsie rolls for my enjoyment. p.s. when are you going to finally come and work here. I demand it.
Make it a kitty.
kukubee1 year ago

Make it 'poop' sugar into your tea or coffee. Or nicer - mustard on the steak.
sugarcubes might work
rocketguy1 year ago
I love how the internal mechanism actually approximates the usual internal workings, minus the piston.

Only one critique: Should be a unicorn, as they poop rainbows. It's a known fact! ;)
Then you have to fill it with Skittles.
seamster (author)  rocketguy1 year ago
This reindeer's mom was a unicorn.
zieak1 year ago
This is great!
seamster (author)  zieak1 year ago
Thanks! My kids love it.
Luny1 year ago
I love getting handmade stuff like this, beats store bought every time. I forwarded the link to a 75YO friend who loves doing woodwork and making fantasy metal yard creatures. I can't wait to see where he takes this.
seamster (author)  Luny1 year ago
Pippi! Yes indeed, handmade is always better.
sguarnieri1 year ago
I love it! I'm sooo gonna make one as a Christmas present for next year.
johnstat00023 days ago

Could someone do this with foam board?

seamster (author)  johnstat00023 days ago
I think it could be done, although it may be a little tricky. Give it a shot!
Mackramer2 months ago

Cool looking project! Do you have plans available for download?

ELLEN235 months ago

Hey Poppy Anne,

Can I get the pdf too plz

erict1 year ago
I was looking through my favorites and thought I do this for my next project and,Um, what happened to the rest of this instructable? I remember a picture of the disassembled reindeer a video and a drawing plan. Now all the middle stuff is gone what happened?
Poppy Ann erict11 months ago
i was the same as you thinking i wanted to make this and noticed that most of the instructable was missing but i was lucky as i downloaded it last year, if you want i can email it to you as a pdf, just message me with your email address.

regards Poppy Ann.
Raven81 Poppy Ann6 months ago

Hello Poppy Ann, could you please send the pdf to me also?


Dear Poppy Ann, could you please also send the pdf to me?
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
fique Poppy Ann9 months ago
Poppy Ann,
Can you please email me the pdf too?
Hey Poppy Anne,
Can I get the pdf too plz
Hi, Can you please email me the pdf too?

victoras_h @ y a h oo. c om

feedforce6 months ago

Hey Poppy Anne,

Can I get the pdf too plz

coolme5331211 months ago
Cool foot
coolme5331211 months ago
Cool teeth
Please, paste the photo with the horn fixing.
ironicnet1 year ago
Looks awesome! I'm gonna do a rabbit instead... I think this will be my first wood project =)

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