In this instructable, I will show you how to make a simple amplifier speaker with common components, it's not just simple but portable. It uses LM386N IC which is a low voltage audio power amplifier. When the project is finished you will have a working simple circuit that can connect with any device as an input, such as Ipod, MP3 player, even your laptop and PC.

This is the video of my portable amplifier speaker
(change the quality for a better view)

The sound quality of this circuit is pretty good.

OK, lets get started!

Step 1: Parts and Tools

Here is all you will need:
- (1) Small drug case
- (1) Perfboard
- (1) IC LM 386
- (1) 8 Pin DIP IC Socket
- (1) 3.5mm stereo jack female
- (2) 3.5mm stereo jack male
- (1) Potensio 5K
- (1) Potensio 1K
- (2) Potensio Knob (optional)
- (1) Resistor 10 Ohm
- (2) Ceramic Capacitor 0,01uF
- (1) Electrolit Capacitor 100uF
- (1) Electrolit Capacitor 220uF
- (1) Speaker 8 Ohm (0,5 - 0,6 watt)
- (1) 9 V battery
- (1) 9 V battery Clip
- (1) On-off Switch
- Shrink tubing
- Jumper wire
- Rainbow wire (optional)
- Male header extended (optional)
- Blackhousing / female 1x1 header (optional)

- Soldering iron
- Solder
- Hot glue
- Mini drill
- Pliers
- Cutter
- Helping hands (if you don't have it, you can build it from my helping hands instructable)
Can anyone please help me. I have two only speaker. And i want sound from it how can i get sound from it?
<p>i have make an amplifier for below speakers, which components are required for this?</p><p>i have Total 5 speakers</p><p>two speaker(8 ohms 30 W) ,two speaker(4 ohms 3 W) &amp; one speaker(15 ohms 3 W)</p>
<p>I have a shielded 3&quot; speaker which says 4 OHV on the back. Will this work?</p>
<p>assalamualaikum... sir.. i want to know.. that project can i add a bluetooth... mr. faziefazie please reply fast.. tq</p>
Sir can i use 12v charger intead of a 9v battery.
Assalam-0-Alaikum..!<br>Mr. faziefazie can u please tell me can i use potentionmeter 10k and 50k instead of 1k and 5k reply fast.!<br> Thank U.<br>
<p>waalaikum salam, brother.</p><p>sorry I couldn't check this web very often, so I can't reply you asap.</p><p>10k and 50k is too big, but you can try it. as long as the sounds still okay and you can hear it clearly then its okay. you can experiment with it. </p>
Thank u very much for your kind reply Salam.!
<p>How much does it cost to make it. plz answer asap.</p>
<p>sorry I have a busy life, I couldn't check this web very often. in my country the part is very cheap so it only cost me for about $5 for all components.</p>
<p>Do you have the circuit diagram ?</p>
<p>I already share the circuit diagram on step 2</p>
<p>its really great but its bass is so loud!!!</p><p>can v use any upper surface for it to reduce bass? if yes!! what should be used????</p>
<p>Can I use a 8ohm 2W speaker</p>
<p>Good explaination !!!!!!!!!</p>
Could you use it with the raspberry pi??
<p>hi I was wondering if you could help me: </p><p>you know the potensio 5k and 1k is it log or lin and can you tell me the wattage of them</p>
Hiii friend i have some problem in making the amplifier. Actually i had made it as per ur instruction but its not working .after i had the datasheet of the ic that u had said but they are not matching ..so plz can u help me out of this .i dont know what to do. Reply as soon as possible...thankyou..
<p>hello, sorry for my very late reply. I've been busy and hiatus from this web, so I rarely check the comments or messages.</p><p>May I know which component that not matching with the IC? can you listed your component to me?</p>
Actually the problem is with the ic . because when I had make the connection as per your instruction , it has not work. So I had checked the data sheet of the ic that u had said, but the connections where different . so I was confuse which is correct and which is wrong.
<p>are you sure using IC LM 386?</p><p>because there are some people that try using my circuit and working.</p><p>or if you want to compare the circuit, you can try this instructables :</p><p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Know-Your-IC-LM386/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Know-Your-IC-LM386...</a></p><p>I hope it's useful for you.</p><p>regards.</p>
<p>ya I have also seen the circuit diagram from the link that u had given.so the ckt dia iin the link the 2nd pin is negative and the ckt dia that u had given in that the 2nd pin in positive .that's why I was cconfuse..okk</p>
<p>atlast I had compled my project.thanks for ur instruction..</p>
<p>That's really great if you completed it, and I'm sorry if I'm not helping much. </p><p>but can't wait to hear your other great project in the future :)</p>
<p>thankyou for ur help. But I have a small problem . the prob is that the sound is getting amplified but when I increase after some extend by the potiometer the sound starts buffering. So can u help me out of this....</p>
can u plzz tell me the exact specifications of capaciter's volt and all<br>
<p>capacitor voltage is double to that of the power supply.......it is always like that...</p><p>Here the power supply is 9V,so the cap voltage should be 16v.The size of the cap increases if we select the 22volt or 50volt......</p><p>hope it helps ;) </p>
<p>thank you so much for the information :)</p>
<p>hello, sorry for my late reply, I've been busy with work and usually inactive in this web.</p><p>Here's the answer from your question, </p><p>*For Capacitor<br>Electrolit 220 uF, 25V<br>Electrolit 100 uF, 10V<br>ceramic 0,01 uF, 50v<br><br>especially for ceramic capacitor I guess there's no various voltage. <br>Just make sure you get '103' code in your ceramic capacitor then you get the right thing.<br><br>*For Resistor<br>10 ohm, 1/4 watt</p><p>Best Regards.</p>
Can i use 4ohm and 3watt speaker<br>
<p>Hi, sorry for my late reply.</p><p>I never try with 4ohm, but here's a good article about speaker impedance:</p><p><a href="http://www.prestonelectronics.com/audio/Impedance.htm">http://www.prestonelectronics.com/audio/Impedance....</a></p><p>Regards.</p>
<p>hey bro, how can i make multiple output with this without compromising the sound? Im planning to add another 3.5 mm output for my headphone</p>
<p>hello, sorry for very late reply.</p><p>If you want to add another 3,5 mm as output you can refer to this instructables, </p><p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Pocket-Stereo-Amplifier/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Pocket-Stereo-Ampl...</a></p><p>regards.</p>
<p>thanks bro.</p>
<p>hi great intbl.:)<br> can i use different value of capacitor,resistorand potentiometer.? plz help.??</p>
Great fun. was my first real project.
<p>Wow, that's awesome. Keep up the good work! :)</p>
<p>what is the volt value of the ceramic and electronic capacitor ant other component?<br>need help please...</p>
Made it and it worked...What should we do if we want to connect 2 speakers?? Should i coneect the 2nd speaker parallel to the 1st one??
You need another audio ic. I have seen this same ic used in other instructables and for a 2 speaker set up just build 2 of that sort of set up and just solder the left wire wire to one and the right to the other just be sure that the ground goes to each as well
<p>does 9ohm resister also work for the same circuit as well?</p>
<p>it is ok if i use a MIC as a input device?</p>
<p>hi how about if i put it in outlet,220volt? what should i do? without using adapter.,.,</p>
<p>i ask u some thing that - Pin 6 : connect to 9V (positive) | connect to positive lead of 100uF | what dose it mean reply me plz</p>
<p>i must made this amplifire thank u and reply me plz </p>
<p>can i put 2 8ohm speaker in this circuit will audio level come down</p>
<p>can you say how to do on PCB Board </p>
Hey there<br>Greetings from India ;-)<br><br><br>Actually I wanted to have some changes done <br>I was wondering if I could use 5v instead of 9v in the same circuit!?.<br><br>Also <br>Does the same circuit work for 4ohms 3watt speaker??<br><br>Thanks in advance. :)
<p>gan nama lain IC LM 386 itu apaan sih gan soal.a saya mau beli tapi ga' tau nama.a</p>

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