Portable rechargeble flashlight.

For many days i haven't made something that will be portable , handy and very useful in emergency purposes.I am much interested in making portable gadgets like cell phone chargers ,Flash lights etc etc.. This instructable is about building a sturdy robust DIY flashlight . This instructable uses a steel pipe for its case ( very very sturdy . can even survive if run over bye a car!!!) i have also added a plastic cover to it for finishing purpose.
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Step 1: Parts......

Picture of Parts......
1) 1x super bright led operating about 3-5v range
2)  1x 1N4001 - 4007 diode
3) 1 x cell phone charger connector pin( female)
4) 1x resistor of abt10 ohm or try( the led resistor calculator online )
5) 1x circuit board ( or PCB if you ll get one!)
6) soldering iron
7) wire cutters ( also you will need cutters to cut short the circuit board)
8) some small plastic bottles or a large heat shrink tubing ( to cover the steel case)
9) some insulating tape
10) lens for led ( make its focus wider) very use full
11)some  glue
12) 1x switch
13) a drilling machine or a pointed screwdriver ( to make hole on the plastic case for the switch)
14) a li ion battery 3.7 v ( like the one in my previous instructable

Step 3: The circuit

build the circuit on the basis of the below circuit diagram.  connect the battery, the diode, the female charging pin , led etc as given... any problem in the circuit please let me know!

TIP!! :-) place the components as close as you can so that the circuit board will fit in the steel case)

Step 4: Installing the switch

drill a hole in the plastic case as shown in the image! the switch and wire it according to the circuit diagram


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