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Hello, I'm new to this, and new to taking pictures of a build and measurements to show other people, I normally do most of it in my head or on bits of scrap etc etc, then it gets lost in translation, but I wanted to document a build just to see what it was like,and quite honestly writing it all down was the hard part, so apologies before hand for my loose descriptions and bad grammar, anyways here's my take on a portal companion cube, enjoy, please feel free to leave feed back, pros and cons and what I've done wrong or right,or any technics that would have saves me time, thanks for looking! :) From birch ply 18mm (corners) and 9mm ( pretty much everything else)
 Patient wife,
Table saw,
 Bandsaw(with adjustable bed),
A new pencil coz the old one broke,
Set square,
Anything else you feel would be useful,
Screws ( and a driver),
Workplace that let's you have off cuts,
More coffee,
Paint (primer and pink),

Step 1: 1

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After deciding to make a portal cube, I did, I wanted it to be fairly large, but not 1:1 scale as it would be 3 foot squared! So I went with about 14 inch squared, first thing I did was make the main body, that way I could figure out my lines etc,
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Sirs13 months ago


jackson241 year ago
What are the measurements ?

I could do this a lot less tools, but I have a lot of wood so this should be easy!!!!!!thank you for the idea! man, imagine knowing an astronaut who's going to the moon, and asking him/her to put it on the moon

Reko2221 year ago

I just wanted to ask a quick question; What was the smaller boxes measurements? I get that it is 18mm thick, but what's the actual messurements of the box?

matson23 (author)  Reko2221 year ago
Hiya, if I recall it was 12 inch square then cut up to form the corners, by the time it was cut down and the corners cut 45 degrees they ended up just over 5 1/2 inches, hope that helps! :)
matson23 (author)  matson231 year ago
(5 1/2 inches for each corner that should have read!

It does, thank you so much!

Cubed... not squared.

I am building one of these as soon as I get my hands on a decent table saw. I think I may go 1:1 though, just so I can say I did.


Looking really nice, but don't try throwing this one into the incinerator ;)

Vampyra651 year ago
I'm trying to figure out how to cut this out to make a cool pet bed. I like your design.
This is BOSS
DJJules2 years ago
Nice project. Love the write up!
srilyk2 years ago
Now you just need to add the weights (for the 'weighted' companion cube, yuk yuk yuk) ;)
didibemi2 years ago
I would easily pay for one of those.
Horef didibemi2 years ago
me too!
same! looks like too much work 4 me :( im a bit lazy
chuckyd2 years ago
I know nothing about those portals, but that cube looks pretty good.

I would have done the following:

Make all the appliques out of hardwood.. This avoid having to deal with the grain situation with plywood.

Attach all the appliques from the inside, and use glue, as well. Placing the screws on thie inside will avoid having to plug the screw recessed on the finished face.

Use a different type of paint, such as polyurethane. The poly paint is durable and hard, and finishes very well. The water based poly does not sand well, so avoid that one. Once cured, the poly is non-toxic.

Still, what you did looks great.
pcgirl2 years ago
Excellent! Even I could follow this! *runs off to buy wood*
syates32 years ago
This was a triumph. I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS.
matson23 (author) 2 years ago
Haha tinpusher, yeah it was a moment of clarity, spent a while thinking how to do each corner individually, then it hit me! Box it! Split it! I impressed myself with that idea too! Lol
tinpusher2 years ago
Absolutely brilliant! Genius idea to make a smaller cube and, cut out the centers and then whack off the corners. Did you come up with that idea? If you answered that question in the description of the project, I apologize. I was too lazy to read it and just looked at the pictures. :)
Javin0072 years ago
Absolutely brilliant. Best companion cube 'ible I've seen ever, AND the only one that's given it a purpose. Absolutely spot-on identical to the cube in the game. LOVE it!
Or should I say, "This was a triumph... Making a note here: huge success. It's hard to overstate my satisfaction."
hahahahaha. I think you may have just won best comment ever!
braxtron2 years ago
Great job, probably the best looking fan-made WCC I've seen so far.
Datatap2 years ago
Very cool! Love portal. Definitely thinking of trying this :3. Might make it into a game storage thing!
rowan632 years ago
Looks like coffee and a Thinkgeek to me! ;)
matson23 (author) 2 years ago
JackDF, the picture was more to show the size of the cube, she likes it but won't be playing with it, way to heavy etc, I've wanted to build in Eva foam as it happens, looks fun to mess with, I'll reserve that material for the start of a stormtrooper lid I think! Cheers for looking!
matson23 (author) 2 years ago
Haha thanks javin007!
JackDF2 years ago
I think if your going to have your kid play with it, you should also make one out of EVA foam and hot glue. it would be super durable and fun to play with (for your kid and you!). just an idea. really liked the instuctable, very well made!
This is really cool gopd job
adriana16162 years ago
I guess you can store somethings inside... But also I have no idea what this is, though it looks great
matson23 (author) 2 years ago
Ps thanks to everyone for your positive comments!
matson23 (author) 2 years ago
Helmuthound there just standard paints the dark grey is a primer, and the light grey is a gloss, just sand then paint, sand again then paint, no sealer with it being gloss, thanks for looking!
HelmutHound2 years ago
Wow! Very nice! What brand(s) of paint(s) did you use for your primer and paint?
It has a beautiful finish! Did you use any sealers afterwards?
sblereau2 years ago
I so want one as an end table or coffee table. That was the coolest thing I've seen!!
juswood2 years ago
Awesome I want : | how much.... (-;
sajadb20022 years ago
nice job ...
kcjshb2 years ago
Wow...you have some skills Buddy. It looks like the little one in the picture will enjoy that for many years. Sadly, its rare to find anything truly handmade anymore. Now i'm off to Google to find out what the heck a "portal companion cube" is lol
matson23 (author) 2 years ago
Do it jaycruz! It's a fun project!
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