Step 2: The Basics

Like any device that is designed to pull or lift its efficiency is down to the amount of leverage it uses againgst the item to be pulled or lifted.

The design has a gripping device to grab the tree, a heel to pivot on and a long handle to pull back so lifting the roots out of the ground.

The closing of the jaws on the tree will have a 25 to 1 ratio, the levering of the roots out of the ground has a 6 to 1 ratio allowing an easy pull of between 1/4 to 1/2 ton!

There are some large forces involved in this construction but as long as my welding holds up it should work OK.

You Archimedes you. Nicely done.
It'd be nice to see the thing in action.....and to see how big a small tree it can handle. I am not sure it is sufficiently broken down, step by step, to constitute an instructable, though.
this is awesome,, great job coming up with the idea. Simple, effective and totally usfull. EXCELLENT
Nice project. <br>Our yard is a popular spot for buckthorn trees and misplaced oak trees. <br>I have a similar project in mind but am still looking for the critical piece (hiding in a box): a large Jumar ascender. Used in mountain climbing, the one I have is on the obsolete side; maybe twenty years old. Very strong and beefy. The end result would be the same as yours except the gripping action would be vertical along the trunk.
This idea is taken from the Weed Wrench. <br> <br>It would be nicer to state that this is a DIY version of another inventors invention.
TBH I didn't know it was, I thought I had adapted a victorian design I saw used at a local wood fair a couple of years ago..... <br>I did see the weed wrench when I was looking online at prices but the idea for the design was already fixed in my mind by then. <br>You have made the link now so good luck with your product, I will not be going into production with mine :)
Been looking for good plans for this type of device. Careful, that's poison ivy under the holly!
Clever design!
What a neat idea! Great job!!

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