I've never thought of myself as a very good pumpkin carver so this little project requires little skill but gives a nice end result. LEDs make clear marbles glow in the sockets of an anatomical human skull embedded in the guts of a pumpkin.

Any mention of this project must provide a link to www.zieak.com with credit to Ryan McFarland.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Gather the materials you'll need:

A rather large pumpkin
An anatomical skull
A battery powered string of LEDs or some other light source
2 large clear glass marbles
Hot glue gun and glue
Drill and bits
Carving tools - knife and spoon

I purchased the skull on Ebay last year in a lot of three seconds.
wow this is amazing
i enjoy the simplicity of this project...i tend to not think outside the box enough when it comes to doing things. end up spending a lot more time and money than I should...not to mention the aggravation of searching for materials.
its Kenny !
So what, now we're claiming IP on projects? Nice project, but.... whatever.
Just seems to go against the spirit of the site, that's all. Besides, I know that if I had aspirations to make money off of an idea, I wouldn't post a how-to here. I wonder if patent researchers check for prior art here. Interesting.
If you don't someone is bound to grab it and try to make some money off of it. Compose a song, write a book or an article, take a photo - you have IP rights. Why not on a project?
Bravo! That is so creepy!
awesome and DEFINITLY different.
lol this is really cool I like how the eyes look, and I like the pumpkin innards on the face it makes it look cool great job! :D

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Bio: I like making things out of items that would have otherwise been discarded. Check out my other projects!
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