This is a great mod for anyone who owns a utility trailer. Basically all you need is a Quick-Crate,a trailer, and a little sweat. You can buy Quick-Crates at quickcrate.com they have a large selection of stock crates that you can get shipped in about 24 hrs.

Step 1: The Damage

And this is what happens if you don't use high quality exterior grade plywood with the added protection of a premium outdoor stain.
<p>Lovely work, I love the look of the new trailer.</p>
I think you are on to something here. This is double awesome! <br>
Thanks they are pretty neat <br>
and thank you for the comment
How much do one of them crates cost really nice job !!!!!
goto WWW.quickcrate.com in the right hand corner there is a tab you can look at stock crate prices and sizes. click on the buy online button to see the prices

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