Picture of Quick-Crate Collapsible Utility Trailer
This is a great mod for anyone who owns a utility trailer. Basically all you need is a Quick-Crate,a trailer, and a little sweat. You can buy Quick-Crates at quickcrate.com they have a large selection of stock crates that you can get shipped in about 24 hrs.

Step 1: The Damage

Picture of The Damage
And this is what happens if you don't use high quality exterior grade plywood with the added protection of a premium outdoor stain.
totallyc2 years ago
I think you are on to something here. This is double awesome!
Thanks they are pretty neat
HandyLandy (author) 2 years ago
and thank you for the comment
How much do one of them crates cost really nice job !!!!!
HandyLandy (author)  camping crazy2 years ago
goto WWW.quickcrate.com in the right hand corner there is a tab you can look at stock crate prices and sizes. click on the buy online button to see the prices