Introduction: Quick Popsicle Stick Bomb

The video explained most of it but I wasn't too thorough with it. I have uploaded multiple photos for you to use and build. Have Fun!


iwoodinspire made it!(author)2011-09-22

You do realize that several others have made this already, don't you? (funny, I made this over 20 years ago when I was around 10) There are 3 exactly like this in the Related tab to the right, and 3 more with a different design. :) The cobra weave bomb is a good one.

blinkyblinky made it!(author)2011-09-22

Thanks for such a mean comment :) I mean, I realized that but I was entering this in the popsicle stick competition. It was the only thing that I could assemble and write an ible on in about 15 minutes. The cobra would have taken too long.

iwoodinspire made it!(author)2011-09-22

At least you participated despite the time limit. Good luck with your future instructables.

blinkyblinky made it!(author)2011-09-23

Thank you...but I entered befor it ended...didn't I? It ended on the 21 11:59 PDT. I'm EDT and yet I was posting this at around 9...

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