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This Instructable will show you how to make a safe remote controlled fireworks detonator that reduces accidents like skin burn and accidental explosions. Every year hhere in the Philippines All you need is $10, 30 minutes of time, RC Car, Chopsticks, 6 volts VRLA battery, Wire and a Container. Please rate this as a 5 star. Have a Happy New Year.

RC detonator - Circuit that allows you to ignite fireworks without using a match. Just press the button on the remote and the fireworks ignites

There is a video at the last page "it was really fun.
Me and my father had a great time.
We had a lot of fireworks.

Step 1: Things To Buy

Picture of Things To Buy
The materials needed for this project.
ASCAS (author) 5 years ago
The relay can be found anywhere one example is radio shack.
The relay depends on the RC circuit or RC car's output voltage, I tested my RC car output voltage using a digital tester and the reading was 5 Volts so I used a 5 Volt relay.

Try to read more books or search in the Internet. I am 12 years old but i know a lot about electronics i already built 9 original circuits and about 210 circuits for experimental use or modification but only 136 worked. But i dont post to much instructables becuase i am not good with designing Casings for my projects most coverings look bad but they work pretty well.
agishero ASCAS1 year ago
Dude! You're just like my clone. Everything is same except the age !
ASCAS (author) 4 years ago
Its kid. still 12
herbert19824 years ago
that was great, thaks a lot men
watch815 years ago
looks like a lot of fun.. i gotta try this one
bugmenot55 years ago
Wow cool you must be a brainy dude. i will recomend some people to try this. But i am sure this will work. thanks dude
icekid5 years ago

Cool it's easy to make, cheap and effective.
Hey everyone try this it works.  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

troseph5 years ago
Cool idea.
blukelaser made it!11 months ago

i made some changes to ignitor


How could you make the ignitor ?

The piece which ignites the fireworks fuse ?

apedregon1 year ago

Does the circuit board come with a small battery pack like that? Mine is by itself with only the wires to the motors unless I'm missing something. Also would you need the smaller battery pack when you have the 12V anyways?

apedregon1 year ago

Does your circuit need to come with a small battery pack like that? My circuit is alone after I removed it unless I'm missing something about it?

dabu tesla2 years ago
Hey,I am making exactly the same thing to ensure safety and convenience this Diwali...I am using a small piece of nichrome wire as the igniter.
ASCAS (author)  dabu tesla2 years ago
Yeah, me too. I got the nichrome wire from an old heating element of my old soldering iron.
monkhm4 years ago
You could just use a normal model rocket igniter :P
wheres the fun is that?
pastaking3 years ago
I hate being a killjoy, but this is really dangerous. The reason RC cars are on 25/40mhz is because this frequency is not used by anything else, due to interference. I'm telling you, this WILL accidentally go off occasionally.

I'd suggest using a modified wireless camera trigger, as these have 100m+ range, ~0% interference, and are less than £15. (About $25). They are also much smaller, and have the power in them to trigger an e-match easily. Not sure if they would trigger your ignition system, but it is still safer.

On the other hand, Great 'Ible! I love to see household items repurposed! I built something just like this when I was about 8, to trigger FX charges. (Basically over-volting little capacitors). Safer than fireworks, so I did not care too much about the interference.
ASCAS (author)  pastaking3 years ago
Interferances can happen, I believe in what your saying. In my newer verion I had used an infrared RC circuit.
ASCAS (author) 5 years ago
You can buy a relay in radioshack. A relay is a electronic switch like a transistor but the only difference is that the relay can handle higher voltage and ampere to pass through it.
sngehl01 ASCAS3 years ago
that is not entirely true. a relay can handle AC voltages while transistors can not, a transistor switches more quickly than a relay, a relay produces voltage spikes due to the coil, transistors operate on less current, if a relay burns out, the circuit stops, if a transistor burns out, it could produce and electrical short,there are quite a few differences, and each serve a purpose, plus, transistors are much cheaper. A TIP120 has a collector emitter voltage of 60 and a collector base voltage of 60. The base will take up to 5V. You could very well make a transistor driver circuit for this, but what you did works very nicely. Good work!
electrokid3 years ago
Cool idea.
Hey try using nichrome wire-draws alot less current than copper
nathanielg4 years ago
I am also great in the electronics area and i am 14. But i noiced one flaw in your system. If any other person is using the same frequency( in a walkie talkie, or another rc car) you will have premature or unwanted detonation of your system. this could result in a injury or worse... so i just wanted to warn you about that..... But great instructable and thank you
Ditto. Try using a 2.4ghz TX/RX combo, or have two on different frequencies and wire them to relays connected in series so both have to be driggered to detonate the target.
HamenChips4 years ago
We have the same screwdriver
ASCAS (author) 4 years ago
Yeah but in my 2nd version of this i added a 2.8 ghz remote from a old rc helicopter :)) so the only thing that might trigger it is my wifi or my cordless phone. I recomend for you to use a rc car with a special frequency.
charchar974 years ago
so, im too lazy to post an instrutable, but i just used the smallest PIECE of wire that i could find and used four 1.5v batteries.
Avatar_I_Am4 years ago
12? TWELVE years old?! OMG, I'm... much older... but I ain't got near the smarts that you do!
Bravo, Lad! Well Done!
Now, how much do you charge for tutoring...
jpoopdog4 years ago
heres a smarter idea, get a signal relay card kit from an electronics store, then modify it by making the input signals resistors values realy low (just use weaker resistors), that power the relay switch, so you can switch high currents and voltages withsignals from 6v at below 1 miliamp. also, use a garage door opener kit, which comes rebuilt, form china costs $10 after shipping, and can transmit a signal for up to 300-400m.
use it instead of a r/c car remote and controller for 2 reasons.
1. its super weak
2. anyone else can control it because its on a universal toy car band (27mhz or 40mhz)
even walkytalkys use that band and will detonate your fireworks.
ASCAS (author) 5 years ago
Yup! Other RC devices cannot provide enough power to burn the ignitor, like mine. So I added the relay
nice ible, but i have one exactly like it accept without the relay.
A.J.5 years ago
yeah, where did u get the relay? what is the trigger voltage? can i get bigger ones (for 120v)?
imakethings5 years ago
take any 5v realy. but tou will get limiled range with this RF module.look fort aeroplane R/F modules.
chaoschao995 years ago
 what type of relay is this and where, and how can i buy this, what would i search on google. it would be a huge help if you could just tell me the exact name of the relay. thanks alot
chaoschao995 years ago
 so whats a relay and where do i buy one?
budsiskos5 years ago