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Introduction: DIY RC Fireworks Ignition System

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This Instructable will show you how to make a safe remote controlled fireworks detonator that reduces accidents like skin burn and accidental explosions. Every year hhere in the Philippines All you need is $10, 30 minutes of time, RC Car, Chopsticks, 6 volts VRLA battery, Wire and a Container. Please rate this as a 5 star. Have a Happy New Year.

RC detonator - Circuit that allows you to ignite fireworks without using a match. Just press the button on the remote and the fireworks ignites

There is a video at the last page "it was really fun.
Me and my father had a great time.
We had a lot of fireworks.

Step 1: Things to Buy

The materials needed for this project.

Step 2: Schematic Diagrams

These are the diagrams.
- Diagrams for begginers 1st picture.
- Web diagram 2nd picture.
- Schmeatic diagram for experienced optional .
 a. Receiver 3rd picture.
 b. Transmitter 4th picture.

Step 3: Disassembling the Car

Disassemble the car with a screw driver.

Step 4: Getting the Circuit

Take of the circuit, or you can make one.

Step 5: Making the Antenna

Wind the antenna wire around the chopstick.

Step 6: Connecting the Circuit to the Relay

Take of the motors a replace the motor wirings with a relay.
Some cars are not powerful enough to detonate so I added mine a relay.
Adding a relay prevents the circuit from burning.

Step 7: Making the Coil

Use a thick wire for this but not too thick or else it will not burn just use the right thickness that your battery can burn again and again. Use a screw driver to wind on the screw driver. After making the coil epoxy it to the tip of a chop stick and connect a thick coated wire.

Step 8: Connecting the Battery and the Coil

Connect the Battery, Coil and Relay in series.

Step 9: Glue It

Use a glue gun or epoxy to tuck everything in place.

Step 10: Testing It

Turn on everything and press the accelerate button at the remote the coil should become red without melting.

Step 11: Done

Have FUN !   :)
Please rate it 5 stars.

Step 12: Here Is Our New Year Celebration With the Detonator (It's Fun)

The coil can be use more than 100 times. Just don't press the remote to long
(just only 10 sec. max) or  it will burn the coil. Sound fun doesn't it. I'm with my father celebrating new year with it we even use it for a fountain fireworks.



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The relay can be found anywhere one example is radio shack.
The relay depends on the RC circuit or RC car's output voltage, I tested my RC car output voltage using a digital tester and the reading was 5 Volts so I used a 5 Volt relay.

Try to read more books or search in the Internet. I am 12 years old but i know a lot about electronics i already built 9 original circuits and about 210 circuits for experimental use or modification but only 136 worked. But i dont post to much instructables becuase i am not good with designing Casings for my projects most coverings look bad but they work pretty well.

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Dude! You're just like my clone. Everything is same except the age !

Its kid. still 12

that was great, thaks a lot men

looks like a lot of fun.. i gotta try this one

Wow cool you must be a brainy dude. i will recomend some people to try this. But i am sure this will work. thanks dude

Cool it's easy to make, cheap and effective.
Hey everyone try this it works.  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and my helicopter circuit gives 3.7 v output so which relay to use

also I am using a rc helicopter circuit which takes only 3.7 v so if I add a 5v relay from the circuit board.....does it will burn the circuit???and If I use 9 v battery to relay does it will burn the relay??

plz reply fast.....I stay in India and diwali is coming here so I am excited to make it

I have a question - can I use a 9 volt battery instead of that

Does the circuit board come with a small battery pack like that? Mine is by itself with only the wires to the motors unless I'm missing something. Also would you need the smaller battery pack when you have the 12V anyways?

Does your circuit need to come with a small battery pack like that? My circuit is alone after I removed it unless I'm missing something about it?

Hey,I am making exactly the same thing to ensure safety and convenience this Diwali...I am using a small piece of nichrome wire as the igniter.

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Yeah, me too. I got the nichrome wire from an old heating element of my old soldering iron.

You could just use a normal model rocket igniter :P

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