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Introduction: Resistor Ring

"I Can't Resist Lovin' You"
Thanks guys!

This is an Instructable on making a ring out of four (4) resistors and three (3) LEDs. This simple project is the perfect thing for your geek girlfriend with Valentine's Day coming up.

Things needed for this project:
~Four (4) resistors (I used 220k-ohm 1/2 watt, 5% ones because of their red and gold stripes.)
~Three (3) LEDs, 1 normal sized one, two smalls. (Dead or working, it doesn't matter.)
~Soldering Iron
~Sandpaper or Dremel with sanding bit

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Step 1: Do the Resis-twist!

Once you have everything, you want to get the general measurement for the ring. Twist the ends together as shown in the picture. Once that's done, measured, fitted, and all that jazz, heat up your soldering iron and get to work. Flux up the corners and move onto step 2....>>>>

Step 2: Soldering

Hold the resistor ring together with some alligator clips when soldering. Make sure to follow soldering guidelines, seen here in the "How to Solder" group. After it is secure, clip off the extra wire, moving onto step 3 -->>

Step 3: Adding the LED Gems & Finish!

Well, this doesn't look very pretty right now, so, let's add some flair. Add the bigger LED first, twisting the wire around the ring. Flux it up, solder, snip the wires, and repeat for the smaller ones.

After that, whip out your sandpapering device of choice and make everything nice and smooth. Voila! You're very own, DIY, resistor ring!



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    no they not led free my local electronics store still sells leaded solder :)

    It would be nicer if you could turn it on!

    If a guy proposed to me with this, I would say yes...


    Are you using non-lead solder?

    Lead can be absorbed by the skin, and it is very poisonious.......

    Your flux best friend has a bad color! usually its white!

    so nice about my version, made 5 or 6 years ago ? mine can be adjusted to any size of finger, and are simple and (i think) elegant. any constructive comment can be sahred here or to sorry for the photo quality, if you want more photos just emailme please


    put a transistor through there so that when base and something else makes contact, the led lights up.

    I'm making this for Geek Pride Day!

    Add some lithium cells & u have a glowing ring!!!:)

    thats cool! it would be even cooler if it lit up.