Laser Cats

This instructable shows you how to make your very own Laser Cat robotic pet. This robot walks and purrs. Every time the Laser Cat purrs lasers shoot from it's eyes.

WARNING: This takes a toy and adds lasers to it. This means it is no longer a toy for children and this should not be actually attempted by anyone. Misuse of lasers can cause permanent blindness or vision loss. Wear appropriate laser protection glasses.


Materials needed:

1 FurReal Lulu's Walking Kitties
2 Laser Diode
assemblies. - Mine came from a double flashlight pack from Home Depot. They were on clearance for around $3.50. For this you got 2 LED flashlights, 1 with a red laser, and 6 AAA bateries. Can't beat that price. For comparison all the other flashlights with lasers were in the $+50 range.
~16 inches of multi-strand wire in 2 colors
Super glue gel
Heat Shrink Tubing
Black Acrylic Paint

Tools Needed:
Wire Strippers
Soldering Iron
Heat gun
Dremel with bits
Small files or rasps fit for plastic
Screwdrivers with various small bits
Sharp scissors or craft knife
Vise – These two were needed to get the laser diodes from the flashlights

Step 1: Disassemble a Kitty or One Way to Skin a Cat

Turn your walking kitty over. There is a velcro fastener holding a slit shut. Our first step will be to slightly enlarge this opening by cutting the threads that hold the butt area shut. Once cut this will allow greater access to the guts of the cat.

Look for plastic tabs that hold the fur close to the plastic body. With a small flat blade screwdriver attachment press the tabs to free them from the slots. There are two towards the front of the slit that can't really be removed yet.

Start at the back leg the most forward in walking position and slowly work the fabric off of the plastic leg. Any time a plastic tab/slot holds you back use the screwdriver to separate them. Now that the one leg is free proceed with the other back leg.

Bring the fur up over the back of the cat. Separate the tab/slots on the sides of the body. This should allow access to the screws holding the back cover on. Remove these screws. There should now be access to a screw that holds the front legs on each side. Remove this screw. Now almost the entire skin can be pulled up and over the head.

Remove the leg cams and the linkages to the back legs.

The head is the trickiest part to get off. Remove all screws from the head face and eye areas. The nose and the eyes snap into sockets. The face portion should separate from the head part. Use the heat gun to slightly soften the tabs that hold the eye balls in place. Once softened use the screwdriver to slightly bend the tabs and enlarge the holes. The eyes are keyed with different numbers of fins and the four finned eye is much harder to remove.
<p>You can find 5V red laser modules very cheap on ePay or fasttech. No need to destroy a perfectly good laser/flashlight.</p>
Did you make it shoot lasers or beams of light? It's soo cool! U should enter this in a contest
It shoots lasers. I had a very hard time capturing the beams though. i t was created for the first laser contest they ran several years ago.
<p>This would be perfect for a homemade horror movie. Creepy!</p>
I really dig this! I want one. My girlfriend would find this slightly creepy, but I think it would fit in well among my things. Nice instructable =)
Just curious, was this based off of the absolutely hilarious SNL sketch?
No, just the internet meme. After I came up with this I was googleing for laser cat pics and came across the SNL bits. Very funny. The one with James Cameron and Sigourney Weaver is my favorite. This cat's front legs can be cocked though for reload if that you wanted to make your own skits.
Would this have not worked with red LED's to the same effect? <br><br>To be honest I found this i'ble quite crepy, becasue you acctually skinned a robot... I have seen sci fi films... I know what they'll do to us once they become sentient... they'll know who wronged them<br><br>and now not only have you de-robed a robot you have given it lasers for eyes... no-ones safe... NO ONE<br><br>
I had a very hard time capturing the red lasers on the camera. The beams do work just like laser pointers and project a dot for each eye, so no red LEDs would not have been the same. Plus it would not have qualified for the contest. <br> <br>No coincidence but April 19, 2011 is the new day when Skynet becomes active. Of course Judgement Day doesn't occur until the 21
*cuddles her copy of 'How to survive a robot uprising'

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