Round Voltmeter





Introduction: Round Voltmeter

This project was developed with a small voltmeter for measuring voltages from 0-200V and an USB mini connector for being connected to your computer or +5V charger.

Step 1: Bill of Materials

1 Round PCB

1 USB mini connector

1 Mini Voltmeter SP410361E for measuring voltage from 0-200V

2 Screws with nut (optional)

1 in. Heat schring tube, any color (optional)

Step 2: Assembling the Project

Complete your project by following step by step the sequence of photos in this step. Remember that the Mini Voltmeter SP410361E for measuring voltage from 0-200V has 3-wire of three different colors; one red, one black y one dark blue. Those wires are the first for +5V while the second is common GND and the last one is for measuring the voltage by being the first two for supplying power to your Mini Voltmeter. That is, between dark blue and black, you are going to measuring the voltage by using respectively those leads POSITIVE and NEGATIVE.

Step 3: Enjoy Your Project

Once completed your project, you can use either your compluter or +5V charger.

Step 4: Your Video

Round Voltmeter 0-200 Volt



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Reading the title, I though it rounded the values !

The values and the PCB, my dear rafununu.