DIY Twig Lampshade





Introduction: DIY Twig Lampshade

This might sound a bit funny, but the idea of making this lamp came from my.... dream! :p So, I decided to make my dream come true. This ible will show you how to make lamp shades from small tree logs. It's very easy to make, cheap too.

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make these lamp shades you'll need:

1) Twigs,
2) Super glue and white glue,
3) X-acto knife,
4) Scissor,
5) Cardboard,
6) Lighting system.

Step 2: Preparing the Twigs

Collect twigs as many as you can and it's better if there of the same size.
Cut all the twigs equally by using an x-acto knife.
Use a marker to mark the length,
Cut half way through the twig,
Then use your fingers to create pressure on it and the twigs will break easily.

Step 3: Making the Lamp

To make the lamp you'll need cardboard, plug, wire, bulb holder and bulb.

Connect the wire with the plug and the bulb holder, test if it works.

The base:
Cut 4 pieces of cardboard smaller than the shade because the shade's suppose to cover the lamp.
I've numbered the cardboard pieces for the base in the picture.
Place 1 at the bottom and glue 2,3 on the top of it.
Take the plug (along with the wire) through the 4th piece and then glue the 4th piece of cardboard with the rest.
You may place the base on something hard such as hardboard or wood. I used a small round shaped wooden piece to adjust the base.

Step 4: Making the Shade

Making the shade was so easy!

Place 2 twigs as shown in the picture.
If you place the first 2 twigs vertically then you'll have to glue the next 2 twigs horizontally, then again vertically. Keep going up by gluing the twigs vertically and horizontally on the sides.
After you reach the height of the shade you want, cover the top with small sticks or twigs. There, done!
Place the shade over the lamp.
This lamp looks great with any kind of lights but I liked it with the usual yellow light bulb.



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this is so cool!!! please go on my instructable its called "twig pencils"

How did you photograph to get the effect and the red color ?Is the color the background of a wall or some thing?

I used a multi color light bulb, besides the wall was pink, for that reason the light effect seemed a bit reddish!

yeah raelu suprb ideas 4 home decore

i dnt visit ur all instructabls yet..just visit 3 4 n wana make them 1st

yup..i"ll definatly thiz tym i m making wal art of leave shapes so aftr dat i"ll try thz one..

yeah realy suprb ideas 4 home decore

Hey, I've finished my branch lamp version,, LOL
But the reflection of the lamp light isn't as beautiful as yours
What kind of lamp you used??

This is my version hahhaha

Love the design of the lampshade you made, it's really nice.
The usual round light bulb creates a beautiful light effect with this lampshade. Let me know if it worked, I'm sure your lampshade would create way cooler effect than mines :)