Scrap-Wood Cutting Board





Introduction: Scrap-Wood Cutting Board

If you do a lot of woodworking and hate wasting scrap material, this is a great project for you. This cutting board can be made out of any scrap hardwood, and no matter what it looks beautiful and is always unique. Also, since you already paid for the wood and assumed you'd be wasting some, this cutting board is basicallyfree!

I made this one as a christmas present for my mom, it's made out of scrap pieces of bubinga, lacewood, cherry, maple, and walnut from previous wood projects (some of which are on Instructables like our kitchen table and my bubinga desk). 

The details are in the photos above, but I'll outline the basic process here:

Collect your wood and layout the pattern. Make sure all sides are cut straight or planed so the glue joints will be tight.
Glue the wood together and clamp. When it's dry, plane or sand so the seams are flat. Then make all your interesting cuts, and glue back together. Then sand all the seams down again, sand with progressively higher grits, then finish with either a food-grade finish (like "good stuff", which is basically Salad Bowl finish) or a cutting board oil. 



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I made it. It's easy to make and used it as a wedding gift.

Hi, do you sell these? if yes!

Beautiful board. Did you have any concerns with the end grain to end grain gluing?

This is so beautiful! There are a lot of unique cutting
s out there! What a thoughtful gift idea!

I must say that this is the best and the most
beautiful wood cutting board I have ever seen. Even though, there are numerous
sites offering different brands of Wood Cutting Board, but this one is really
eye catching and enchanting. I need to ask whether this cutting board is coated
with plastic emulsion sheet or not? As it is providing glazing looks. Thanks

wow man, that is so beautiful. i love different cutting boards. this is definitely one of my favorite smaller ones. great ible!!!

This is the most beautiful cutting board I've ever seen in my life! I Love it!!! I like the pictures of your mom receiving her gift too. So sweet. It's amazing to learn how to actually make something like this. THANK YOU!

Thanks! It was so easy to make too [compared to other woodworking projects], you should try making one!

Thanks Sam...I might have to do that. :) My dad loves projects - maybe he'll make one with me! :)