Self Balancing Segway Style Scooter for Under 300.00





Introduction: Self Balancing Segway Style Scooter for Under 300.00

I've always wanted a Segway from the first day I saw one, but with the over 6000.00 price tag I couldn't afford one. Thankfully the parts required have come down in price dramatically. I managed to build one for under 300.00. 
here is a list of the most important parts.

1x2" square steel on eBay but mine was scrap we got for free.

Sabertooth 2X25 motor controller from

electric mobility scooter motors ours are from the Jazzy electric chair the sell for 100-150.00 on eBay

5DOF IMU we got from eBay for 25.00

Sealed lead acid batteries 12v from eBay or from hardware store 

Thumb Joystick from spark-fun 3.95

various switches and 10k potentiometers 5.00 from radio shack

code from sci chair instructable

schematic from sci chair instructable



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    I can't find the 5 DOF IMU . Can I use 6 DOF IMU instead it .


    hey is there any way that i can get this code workign with mpu6050 because the analoge imu is not availabe in



    we are using 5DOF IMU but gyro ENC-03RC with accelometer ADXL335

    but i think you are using gyro IDG500 with accelometer ADXL335...

    is this why your code doesn't work with my IMU??

    Will your code work with MPU6050?

    Tilt adjust is to help Center the balance. Dead man switch shuts everything down if you fall off.

    Thats a digital imu so no it requires different code

    hey,what is that tilt shifter and dead man switch

    Hi, i have question.

    what is tilt adjust shifter ??

    Isn't it needs to lean forward to go forward and lean backward to break?

    why do i need tilt adjst switch?

    and what is dead man switch for ??

    Can i control and move around using the handlebar?? how would i do this?

    thank you