Are you guys excited for the movie? I'm geeking out over here. I'm totally wearing this opening night.

This is a really simple pattern - the whole hat is only eight pieces!


The pattern is on STEP 2 - scroll down to the bottom of the step and click on the PDF there! If you can't get it that way, I've uploaded it docs.google.com/fileview. :D

p.s. - Please ask if you have any questions!

p.p.s - Someone on craftster made their own version with fuzzy fabric!
Just scroll down a bit and you should see it!

Step 1: What You'll Need...

  • white polar fleece - 1/2 yd, just in case!
  • 24 gauge black plastic coated wire or long black twist-ties for the whiskers
  • 24 gauge white plastic coated wire to keep the ears upright
  • scissors
  • white thread and a needle and/or a sewing machine
  • the pattern, which is attached as a PDF on the next step!
If you're worried about using wire in the hat, Kiteman has this suggestion:
Soak the string in slightly-diluted PVA glue and leave it to dry (If you dry it draped over a pile of scrap plastic bags, it will set in a twiddly shape).
I&nbsp;just finished this for my sons 15 birthday. Sweet huh? <br />
<p>Should have posted a happier photo. Great finished btw </p>
I gotta say, he doesn't look too happy...
&nbsp;hmmm. &nbsp;is he embarrassed? &nbsp;
lol reminds me of a christmas story and the big pink bunny suit lol<br />
That's so dang funny!<br />
&nbsp;by doing this you have made a very powerful enemy...
I like it! The big ears are awesome! <br />
This hat is too cute!&nbsp; Thank you for making your instructions and pattern so easy to follow.&nbsp; It only took me a couple of hours to make a fantastic edition to my Halloween costume :)<br /> <br />
This project has won today&#39;s &quot;I Made It&quot; Challenge, for that you get a 3 month pro membership<br /> <br /> Thanks for using instructables!<br /> <br /> https://www.instructables.com/community/June-is-I-Made-It-Challenge-Month-Win-a-Pro-Me<br />
I love it! It looks so cute on you! :D<br />
omggg i had so much fun making this today! I plan on wearing it to school for our senior dress up day! LET THE WILD RUMPUS BEGIN. Oh yea! I need to make a crown for this too :] I will post another pic when thats done haha. THANKS AGAIN! :D<br />
Welcome! I'd love to see the crown when you're done! :)<br />
hah, kinda late but yea..here was the crownn :D<br /> <br />
&nbsp;Hey thanks for the help! this made some great hats for me and mahfriends!!! i hope u do well!!&nbsp;<br /><br />i dont know how to sew so i used hot glue, and iron on mending tape.. :(but they came out very well<br /><br />if u wanna see the pics<br /><br />
Might I suggest, profile pic? <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
This picture is freaking hilarious. Seriously. :P<br />
Thanks, this was very helpful, especially when it came to the ears. I used silver twisty ties for the whiskers since I&nbsp;knew they couldn't poke my two year old and they went in great, though better the first time than the second. (I initially placed them too high.) Anyway, Micah loves his &quot;Max Monster&quot; hat.:-)<br />
Thank you for your awesome pattern, I was able to make full costumes for halloween &amp;&nbsp;they turned out AWESOME&nbsp;:D<br /> <br />
Thank you so much for the pattern!&nbsp; My son LOVES it!&nbsp; Halloween was a hit. Thank you :)
&nbsp;Helpful pictures! I couldnt figure out how to print the templates so i did my best and drew my own with yours as a reference, and i super glued the whole thing together and filled the ears with teddy bear stuffing. I cant sew for anything and have got really good at superglueing from making another costume!&nbsp;I also used pink because i was making it &nbsp;for my girlfriend for halloween and we could only get a pink adult onesy offline for a max crown halloween outfit. The colors matched up nicely.<br /> <br /> I used Seamsters instructable for the wild thing character carol! The finished products were great and it made for a fun night of halloween partying!! My only complaint was that when i was connecting carols bottom jaw to the top part of his head, i cut my finger wide open with scissors! Now his cotton filled head looks like real brains with all the blood that spilled inside! Luckily noone can see that part<br /> <br /> Thanks for the pictures and directions :0)<br />
thanks so much for&nbsp; your tutorial! i used it to make my two year old's halloween costume. it was so much fun!<br />
<strong>&nbsp;Let the wild rumpus start!<br /> <br /> Thanks for the pattern - I had lots of fun putting it all together!<br /> <br /> </strong>~Adam &quot;Sunny&quot; Flanders<br /> http://www.adamflanders.com<br /> <strong><br /> &lt;3<br /> </strong>
Yeah. Oh yeah. The movie was great. It made me want to <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Quinzee-Building/">build a snow cave</a>! Oh, and:<br />
I&nbsp;know I already said it, but the cuteness is overwhelming. :P<br />
Every day! :-D<br />
&nbsp;i sewed this from your pattern!<br /> &quot;woman, FEED ME! or i'll eat you up!&quot;
Hahaha, the look on your face totally suits the quote! :D<br />
&nbsp;hahah thank you! that's what i was aiming for :]
after completing the hat, i took a stab at the rest of the costume too.<br /> <br /> these are some action shots from my office halloween party yesterday. since the party was a week early, we got some weird looks when our wild rumpus took to the streets. i responded by roaring and stomping my feet and threatening to eat people up.<br /> <br /> sorry there isnt a better close-up of the hat. your instructions were great so that part definitely turned out the best.<br /> <br />
I love the second picture! You could totally photoshop yourself into the book and it would work! Great job! :D<br />
i lined mine in silver silk and used the wire from a spiral bound notebook. its perfect for a wild ROMPUS!
Yessss! I love that everyone is making the face. :D<br />
Please ignore the weird look on my face.... :)<br />
Oh, I like that fabric, what a good choice! :D<br />
Oh yeah.&nbsp; My husband had the idea of putting flexible wire in the ears so I could move them around.&nbsp; It worked out really well.<br />
&nbsp;I made a crown too :) thank you so much for this tutorial! <br /> LET THE WILD RUMPUS START! &lt;3
That is a fancy crown!!!<br />
Loved making this! My pre-K class will love it!
I really really like the whiskers on yours! :D<br />
&nbsp;Thank you thank you thank you for this! I (well, more my mom, my sewing skills are not quite up to par... I did do everything else though :D )<br /> I ended up going to a Halloween party and I won third place with this! (Well, that, and my crown and scepter probably helped too, but everyone LOVED the hat)<br /> Thank you again!<br /> (I didn't get a chance to color my whiskers before, so I plan on doing that before Halloween...)
Yayayayayay! It's totally cute! You look so happy! :D<br />
I took your design and upped it a level! I added headphones!<br /> Also I used fake fur instead of fleece and I moved the ears to be more like they are in the book.<br /> (the movie was awesome by the way)<br />
&nbsp;hey were do u guys get the whikers PLEASE answer to me thxx
I&nbsp;found my wire at Michaels... near the jewelry section. It wasn't plastic covered... and I&nbsp;think it was around 20 guage :)
&nbsp;liek wat kindd of wire
i used pipe cleaners. i couldn't find anything else. they work well :)<br />
Just regular, stiff wire. You might try radio shack and ask them, but since I did mine at the last minute, I didn't add whiskers (I didn't have any stiff black wire on hand).<br />
&nbsp;liek wat kind of wiree

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