I made this shaggy shoulder bag for Very Interesting in the summer 2010 gift exchange

She requested something made from reused old clothes.  I don't know her size (and since I was a last-minute fill-in for someone who had to drop out, I didn't have time to find out) so fitted clothing was out.  I got inspired by this shag rug Instructable, hit up my stash of old t-shirts, and then watched as what started out as a simple project (a rug!) spiraled out of control.

Several t-shirts, many hours of cutting and sewing, and some blood, cyanoacrylate, a splint, and some bandaging later, I finally had a pretty funky looking shaggy shoulder bag!  (Then, of course, I mailed it off.  Such is life.)

Read on for all the gory details, and the other things I considered turning it into along the way.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

4 XL t-shirts (to shred) (use more if they're smaller)
1 M t-shirt (for backing, and a bit of shredding)
~1/2 yard of cotton fabric (for base/liner)
velcro or buttons (for closure)
fleece/felt/flannel (optional, for padded shoulder strap)

measuring tape
rotary cutter
cutting mat
sewing machine (I used a Singer Curvy)
serger (optional, but handy; I used the lab's Singer)
needle & thimble (optional, for attaching velcro or buttons)

Great bag! Truly Unique! Must have taken a while to make it :)
Awesome bag, the colors layers make it look great!
Help! My strips won't curl! Yes, I'm cutting them with the stretch, but they just stretch out into flat-ish coarse textured useless hunks of jersey. What am I doing wrong, please?
p.s.: I tried 1" and 1-1/4" strips, cutting in the other direction, and started stretching gently then increased the tension.
This is totally awesome!
Oops - sentence error :)<br><br>I guess you meant to say:<br>&quot;Test it on your bag against your body for length - remember that the weight of the bag will&quot;...<br>... stretch it over time :D<br><br>(Sorry, I'm really pedantic about that sort of thing - please don't take offence because I don't mean any!)<br><br>It's an awesome 'ible, I'll be making this as soon as I'm reunited with my t-shirt stash!
I just embellished my laundry basket in a similar fashion, for no logical reason, other than I like this application. I was looking for something I could wear with these fuzzies on it. Going to try this bag idea, but smaller scale, with a long cross-over strap. Thanks for the inspiration, and the technique. Didn't have a handle on how I would do it, now I do!
You do know that &quot;Shag Bag&quot; means something else, right?
http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=shag%20bag<br><br>Yeah it could've been named in a better way... But nonetheless a cool ible!
I LOVE this bag. The craftsmanship, the color choices, the I-Robot, the skull fabric....truly, it's so amazing. I love new ideas and this one really hit the mark! Thank you again for a great gift!!!!
You're welcome, I'm so glad you liked it! <br />Your projects were thoroughly inspirational. ;)
Ooh, I might just steal your fuzzy skirt idea! Although I'll probably use hoooked zpagetti instead of t-shirts, to save myself some work.
Please steal away! I'd love to see the result. <br />And swapping out the t-shirts makes sense if you're doing a ton of surface area.
Heh. That's an excellently vague comment. ;)
True, but all-encompassing. It's impressive visually - although, I will admit, the first thing I thought of was a carwash brush, the ones that use felt strips and spin over your car...but in an artsy way - and in sheer workmanship (I have determined I am physically incapable of using a sewing machine, so I'm always impressed by successful and ambitious projects). Plus, despite the ridiculously frilly nature, it seems like a genuinely useful object - I know my kid sister would love something like this - and well thought-out for a rapid project. And finally, cutting oneself to the bone and not tossing the bladed object out the nearest window...I don't ever cut myself, but any project on which I've hammered a thumb or such is most likely still unfinished... Detailed enough? ;)
It's definitely a lot like a car wash brush! I can only imagine that producing a wearable tube of the material would be even more convincing. *ponders another Halloween project* <br /><br />And yes, that's a counterbalancing overabundance of detail. ;)
That would be a hilarious costume, but I'd bet the tube would make a great sleeping bag too. You'd really stand out at night, and no animal would want to get close for fear of spines or poison or something deadly!<br><br>Plus it would be rather warm if you could do this with terrycloth or similar material...hmmm.
Cool and Funky Idea!!!! Thanx A ton!
Thanks! Let me know if you make one.

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