Picture of Simple & Stylish Toddler Bed for Under $40
As a parent, I am constantly learning new things about my daughter’s likes and dislikes. I recently learned that her all-in-one bed is pointless if she will not sleep in it. It was supposed to transform with the growing needs of our child, but try telling her that. Our original toddler bed is just a crib with one of the sides removed, so when she saw that her cousin is sleeping in a big kid bed she wanted no part of the all-in-one crib "for babies". I searched for a cheap solution because before you know it she will be in a twin-sized bed. The options are not good. Cheap ones fail with weight greater than 40 lbs. so we can’t sit at the foot of the bed to read to her. The beefier ones cost the same as an adult bed.

Before you think that this is too tough for you to make please keep in mind that ANYONE can do it if I can do it. I own a circular saw but I rather use a hand saw for quick cuts and if it were not for the pilot holes you wouldn’t need a drill. If you never made something like this before, this is the perfect time to start!

I decided to solve this problem for every parent in my situation.

The goal was to:

            A.    Use the original crib mattress

            B.    Use minimal tools

            C.    Be safe and durable enough to support 200+ lbs.

            D.    Make it look attractive

            E.    Pay less than $50 in materials (my total was under $40)

I started by measuring the mattress. A standard crib mattress in the United States is 2714 in × 5158 in and that matched my mattress. For ease of measuring I called it 28”x52”, the original crib also had some wiggle room.

I made a rough drawing of what I wanted and made a materials list and went shopping. I would show you my masterpiece sketch but it looked nothing like what I ended up with. Most of my projects I just wing-it anyway. The bed police are not going fine you if you are off a ½ inch.

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not sure if my message went through, do you have measurements for your bed? I like the rails you put on!

ardnon made it!4 months ago

Just finished making one today, with a couple modifications: under bed height is 12 1/2 inches for bigger storage containers, plywood scraps for mattress supports, and side rails to keep kiddo in the bed. Then a little polyurethane for an easy to clean finish.

ardnon4 months ago

Very nice.

Very easy build. finished in about 4 hours including the trip to the store and paint. I added a safety rail to give my daughter a feeling of security when transferring from the crib.

rolfy122 years ago
Great job!

My one suggestion: If I were going to be sitting on the bed, I would put some lengths on the insides of the legs from the floor to the frame, just so the fasteners and glue holding the legs to the ends of the frame aren't taking all my weight. Might also better survive bed-jumping.
tjesse (author)  rolfy122 years ago
I am over 200 lbs and it doesn't even creak when I sit on it. My wife and daughter can lay on it and together are 150 lbs (notice how I didn't specify how much my wife weighs). I would never discourage someone from adding more supports; however, I have looked at hundreds of kids beds and this design I think will last. I has also been "monkey on the bed" tested. BTW: I love your wood box Instructable.
rolfy12 tjesse2 years ago
Sometimes I have a tendency to overbuild. This would be one more case, eh?
sunshiine2 years ago
Nice build! Have a splendorous day!
doug10742 years ago
Great job!