I wanted to somehow improve the standard alarm clock, so I made one that wakes you up gently by only waking you up when you're not in your deep sleep. An added bonus is that It plays the Super Mario Theme Song as its alarm.

How it works:
It is more pleasant to wake up in the morning if you are not woken during your REM cycle of sleep.You tend to move around more when you're not in your REM cycle, so this alarm clock will only go off if a certain amount of motion is detected after a set alarm time. As a fail-safe, if the required amount of motion is not detected, the alarm will go off an hour after the set time.

Step 1: Materials

In order to create this clock, you'll need:

Arduino Uno
DS1307 I2C Real Time Clock Module+Board (SainSmart)
PIR Motion Sensor (Futurlec)
Piezo Buzzer
RGB LCD Shield with keypad (adafruit)
9V Wall Adapter Power Supply
Custom Shield (helpful for hooking up different elements to the Arduino in addition to the LCD shield)
10kOhm Resistor
Additional wires and boards for connecting components
Enclosure Box

<p>hi, it's cool. I guess I'll build one someday. is there any demonstration videos?</p>
<p>Hi, nice Project!</p><p>I'll build one too!</p><p>But i think i'll add an Arduino DCF77 radio-clock module for better time set, and a sunrise simulation of course! :)</p>
<p>Nice tutorial!</p><p>You can get the hc-sr501 PIR motion sensor for cheap here: <a href="http://voltatek.com/en/sensors/69-motion-sensor-module-hc-sr501-pyroelectric-ir-infrared-adjustable.html" rel="nofollow">http://voltatek.com/en/sensors/69-motion-sensor-m...</a></p>
Nice concept! Maybe combine it with a wake-up light function, I have a Philips one, really helps me to get up... http://www.usa.philips.com/c/wake-up-light/26471/cat/en/#filterState0=WAKEUP_LIGHT_SU_US_CONSUMER%3Dtrue

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