This Instructable will give you a step by step process on how to carve a real wind turbine blade out of wood (not those fake ones from a 4" PVC pipe, but they are cool too.).  This was designed by me, a real Aerospace Engineer, using real airfoils, and optimized for a small wind turbine at lower starting wind speeds.

I promise you it is easier then you think.  I will even provide you with a pdf drawing that you can print out, and use as a template.  So I want everyone to start making wind turbine blades.  Well, what are you waiting for, GO!

If you are interested in how to design your own go here:

By the way, after you make these you need to make a hub, but that is easy too.  And make or buy a motor, but you can get them cheap on Ebay.  Just type in PMG (Permanent Magnet Generator).  They are nice because they do not require a gear box because they operate at relatively low RPM (500 RPM for this blade).

Step 1: Printing the Airfoil Templates (on Paper)

Okay, step one, lets make some blade templates.  I will make this easy for you.  All you have to do, is download the PDF here:
I Also attached it to this step.

This drawing is 1:1.  Yes, 1:1.  Which means, all you have to do is print it out, probably in sections if you don't have a plotter.  Which most people don't.  But you can easily select different regions of the drawing to print, and then print them.  Be sure you don't have any scaling on, as this will change the size of the print out to fit the paper, you don't want to change the size. 

As you can see from the drawing below that each section corresponds with a given station along the blade.  When you start carving it is critical that you mark the blade sections and their corresponding station (ie. A-A, B-B, C-C etc)  So when you start carving you know which section goes to which station

<p>Can you tell me the airfoil of this blade please? I need to compare it with other airfoils and need to make some graphs with diffrent values. Thanks a lot </p>
<p>sir can you send me a cad file? i need for college project</p>
<p>what is the output power range?</p>
<p>i want to make a smaller one for my college project. can i just half the dimensions?</p>
Sure,<br><br>I can send you a cad file. You can also find a 3D prinatabel model on shape ways: http://www.shapeways.com/product/XDSXMPY9G/wind-turbine-rotor-1ft-diameter-final?li=search-results-1&amp;optionId=1371253<br>
<p>Thank you so much. Can you please send it to s.samuelrudy@gmail.com. I need a scaled version of the pdf which contains the profile sections.</p>
Thanks man. I have to say though, small wind turbines aren't doing so well right now. I am also working on a wind turbine that uses a sail material to increase disk, and blade area. I think this will make small wind turbines more competitve with fossil fuels. <br><br>Mike
Hey, buddy, I see lots of renderings and no final turbine!<br><br>Another awesome Instructable. Does this mean the Second Coming of AeroEngineer Instructables, or do we have to wait another three years?
Cameron,<br><br>Haha, your making me feel guilty. You know, I just might get more involved now that I am done school. I do have a lot of fun projects to share. Like my buddy, who built an airboat from scratch. <br><br>Yes, I am working on finishing my wind turbine, but it is a weekend project, so it takes time. <br><br>Thanks for the support. You have motivated me to start posting more :-)<br><br>Take care.<br><br>Mike

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Bio: I am an Aerospace Engineer. I love Technology, and Design.
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