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The original costume was here.
I just wanted to show pictures of what I did.

I did a few tweaks to the design;

I used batting instead of foam.
I had the end of the arm rests as a separate piece so I could still grab and hold stuff.
I (obviously) used blue fabric.
I didn't use a sewing machine.
I used duct tape for the straps and whatnot.

Some suggestions for those who may make this;
1. Batting is good to use, but only if you layer it to be super plushy. Otherwise, it gives too little padding. 
2. Batting is also not recommended for the arm rolls unless you layer it with alot. It also does not hold it's form too well as it's extremely squishy.
3. For the end pieces of the arm rolls, KEEP THEM SEPARATE. It will help by ALOT in terms of being able to use your hands.
4. You do NOT need a sewing machine. What I did was just glue down the fabric and hand sewed where I needed to.
5. The corner pieces of the legs need to be sewn onto the upper leg and the excess bit that covers the joint. NOT THE LOWER LEG PIECE. This was a bit unclear in the original Instructable.

Sofa-to-sofa Advice:
Everything listed by Ducky Boy in the original Instructable, with a few add ons;
1. Add some sort of cooling system into the suit. It will get HOT (unless it's a cold Halloween, then you should be fine) and most people can not tolerate this.
2. Be careful. If something snaps because you wanted to get to the next house faster or you sat down too fast, I'm sure you don't have a roll of duct tape handy then to fix it. And travel with someone so they can catch you if you fall and (maybe) carry your bucket and stool. (Thanks Mom!)
3. The stool. I have this really neat stool that folds up flat. Find one that's light and portable.

As far as I know, there are now two sofa costumes in the world. Add to that number, and we shall RULE THE LIVING ROOM!!!!
I'm working on a costume design using foam rubber for the chair costume. It will look like you're a real chair and will fool everyone.
What would you do if a really fat woman sat on you, like 300 pounds
Looks like a plaid Gumbi
Whoa. Scarey but cool. Hehe <br>Oh remember The Pee-wee Herman show? You should so make a &quot;Chairy&quot;
i wonder if i add card board to the bottom of the arms so it look like they have supports
:) Its a good Costume obviously!
dont your arms get tired after a while?
Nah, people generally figure out that I'm not a real sofa before that.
Prank: Sit in the middle of a furniture store and grab people who sit on you.
Unfortunately, the costume isn't THAT convincing... but fun, nonetheless.
Yeah but im sure someone would think your some new hipster chair and sit on you...
Crazy hipsters and their crazy chairs!
lol!!! so much fun :0)
It reminds me of the Harry Potter couch.
Oh yeah, at the beginning of the sixth movie!
Yeah, when I first saw this I thought of Harry Potter. I have years 1-6 on dvd.
It reminds me of Eddie Murphy as Gumby!
Did anyone try to sit on you?
Just my sister, who was trick-or-treating with me.
this is so absolutely ridiculous....i love it
very nice :) very entertaining!
Haha I love this one!

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