Because I am surrounded by......iblers.  Something ludicrous speed would be fitting.  Make an easy Dark Helmet helmet from the classic movie Spaceballs.  Yeah, I didn't have time to to work on the tilt-up face shield but the awesomeness of wearing this thing is the same.

Note: Not ANSI or Snell approved for protection against errant meteorites, asteroids, or light sabers.  Wear at own risk at being called a geek. Light sabers not your thing, maybe make this instead.

Step 1: It's Just a Shell Game...

The secret behind this is a monocoque design over an existing hardhat construction hat skinned over with high tensile cardboard and papier mache.

It's a hardhat hat over a hardhat.

Pros would probably fiberglass or vacuum form this thing.  No need to if you are cheap frugal like me.

You will need a regular standard hardhat to build upon.  Get the one with the ratchet headstrap adjuster which makes it fit real nice for a few bucks more.

You will need some cardboard and paper.

You will need a beach ball or something similar to use as a half dome form.  A giant salad bowl would work too.


Black gloss paint.

Utility knife, scissors or strong shears to cut the cardboard.

Caution: Be careful with sharp things and black paint gets all over the place no matter how careful you are.

We made this helmet for a surprise Space balls The Rehearsal Dinner before my daughters Star Wars Wedding. It worked. We did modify a few things but over all these instructions will get you a dark helmet!
Great Idea. Kinda fits right in with your "making things bigger" theme.
I love every Mel Brooks movie. The man is a genius!&nbsp;<br> <div class="media_embed"> <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/tom-margie/3791328740/" rel="nofollow" title="Spaceballs (1987) by twm1340, on Flickr"><img alt="Spaceballs (1987)" height="333" src="http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2592/3791328740_2bb2d4ee5f.jpg" width="500"></a></div>
that is sooo cool I love it :)
She doesn't seem to happy hasn't she seen the movie??
She was momentarily stunned by the multiple camera flashes and still had lots of homework left to do given by the major subject teachers. She is slowly increasing her knowledge of geek lore and is keenly aware of the consequences.
Ahh ok. still great ible!
i love that movie XD it is hilarious.
Awesome! Love Spaceballs :D

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