Star Trek LED Light





Introduction: Star Trek LED Light

I make a Star Trek LED light from walnut and acrylic. Add some electronics and you've got a one of a kind desk light, or night light! It's also modular so you can update it whenever it strikes your fancy!

Finished with wipe on poly and acrylic shined with a spot of windex...



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    Nice job! Could you let me know where you purchased your electronic components (the switch, led light, and battery connector)? Thanks.

    the packaging was from radioshack

    Nice (for my inner nerd!!)

    Where did you get your walnut blanks? How thick is the plexiglass?

    Where did you get your walnut blanks? How thick is the plexiglass?

    bro can u tell me how actually to do this.....??i need the complete steps...

    One of the things I've always loved about the vaguer (is that a word?) Instructables is that it leaves you to truly DIY. If you're not one for figuring stuff like this out, try looking for other guides on the individual steps, for example, "How to cut wood with bandsaw", "How to cut acrylic", etc.

    All the steps are in the video. Sorry I didn't take an durning pictures!

    What brand of lights did you use?

    Awesome instructable! I'm going to have to make the Star Trek one for my desk at work. Thanks for the inspiration!