Step 8: Final Touches

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Side Panels

  1. Measure the outside dimension between the top & bottom panels, cut 2 pieces of cardboard this dimension by 3".
  2. On one long end of both pieces scribe the radius of the back cover, then cut the radius.
  3. Measure and cut an opening that matches the "window" for the recessed control panel in one side panel (see Figure 1). If you installed a charging jack on the other side then repeat this process for the other side panel, if not then don't.
  4. Measure for and cut 2 pieces of aluminum tape to match the end profile of the reflector and carefully cut and apply them to the inside of the side panels (see Figure 2).
  5. Make sure that the side framing is free of any protrusions, lightly sand if necessary to make the surfaces flat.
  6. Apply a bead of glue to all edges of the control panel side frame, carefully center the side panel over the frame and press it down holding it in place until the glue sets. Repeat for the other side panel.
  7. Cut 2 pieces of craft stick 1" long keeping the radius on one end of each. Glue one centered on the inside at the radiused end of each side panel (see Figure 3)
  8. If you are using the charging option then drill an 1/8" hole through the side panel and radius end stick at the height centerline and 1/4" from the rear "stud" (see Figure 3). Cut a 1/2" length of ball point pen tube and glue it centered over the hole you just drilled. Insert your red LED charge indicator in this tube and glue it in.

Install the Lens

1. Slide the lens over the reflector opening and secure it in place around the perimeter flange with small pieces of scotch tape.

Skin it with Tape

I'll leave this up to your creativity. I use the duct tape skin on mine as the hinge for the back cover and then close it on the other side with a removable strip of electrical tape for access.

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