Use the force, Luke. Close your eyes, hold on tight to your light saber and........

Don't touch that dial.  No tweaking the knobs.  Just wave your hands in front of the two sensitive sensors embedded in this bespoke piece of wearable tech.

The garment has an embedded Adafruit Flora wearable microprocessor to generate R2-D2 theremin like sounds.

And it comes in Adafruit black.  Do not fear the dark side.

Can you save Alderaan from destruction by the Death Star? 

WARNING: Not TSA nor Taliban approved....wait, that's the other Evil Empire. And don't start cancelling your newsletter subscriptions, well, not just yet...

Step 1: Look Up Here, Not at the Titles, No, Look Down...

You need a few things to make this project.

I used an Adafruit Flora Arduino compatible wearable board as the core of the electronics.

I used an HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Range Sensor (generic from ebay - equivalent is Ping Ultrasonic Sensor)

A photocell detector sensor (from an assortment pack found at Radio Snacks, bigger sensor should be more sensitive)

Battery pack for the Flora (3 AA, 4.5v)

some resistors

a piezo buzzer to use as a speaker

A bra for the foundation...I made mine

If custom making your bra, you will need to know how to sew

I have a sewing machine and serger which makes it easy to construct such a garment

Black fabric

Various felt scraps for the other details

CAUTION: Soldering and sewing are inherently dangerous.  Use caution. Always learn from a certified Jedi Master before attempting to use a light saber.
<p>Oh my goodness, this is amazingly awesome! Can we be friends?</p>
this would make a good heavy petting alarm system. &quot;step away from the bra. You Have Fifteen Seconds To Comply!&quot;
Hmmm, the neighbor's alarm goes off all the time...or is that the car?
what does it do ?
I believe it can do the Kessel run in less than twelve parsecs. <br> <br>Gee, I don't know. You can just stare at it for the same price.
With so much awesome packed into the project title I had a suspicion it would be yours
Yes, if you have good fashion sense, it must be paired with <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/R2D2-heels/" rel="nofollow">these fabulous shoes</a>. See what I did there?
Those aren't the droids you're looking for.
I think this is a very nice idea, and a well done project. But I think it is a bit of a stretch to call it a &quot;Theremin&quot;. Just because you don't have to touch it to cause sounds doesn't make something a Theremin. In that case any alarm that is activated by proximity could be called a Theremin. <br> <br>Just to reassure you, I don't want to belittle your work. I see that a lot of thought went into it. I just like proper naming, and I really was curious how you'd apply a Theremin to a bra, just out of curiosity. I have played the Theremin myself, instructed by some professional players, and I have to say it is not easy. The biggest problem is not causing any outside movements apart from your hands to trigger the oscillators, which I imagine would be extra difficult to do if the thing was fixed to your breast. ;)
If you go by the definition of a theremin (in general terms, an electronic device producing sounds that can be modified without touching, specifically the pitch and volume), I submit that this &quot;instrument&quot; is a variation on that but still in the spirit of a theremin. The output from the sensors, (range distance or light brightness/darkness values) is used to map to a range of sound frequencies or musical pitch. The range sensor is pretty accurate and can sense minute movements. I do not have a proper amplifier circuit attached to this so I did not modify the volume. There may be a way to modify the amplitude of the sound output in Arduino though. There are other parameters of the sound generation that could be modified, including the duration of sound and interval or rest between notes making this an updated or evolved instrument. As I mentioned, your traditional theremin is the more continuous output tone unlike the robot droid staccato bleep-bleep appropriate for the Star Wars theme. I am not an electronics expert but I do instructables and put this out there to inspire others to create. It is fun and try not to get to hung up too much on semantics. Adding an antenna grid to the bra would not have been too difficult but the circuitry would be a little more complex. And then you would need bigger batteries and vacuum tubes...someone is gonna build it. And someone has to do a steampunk version. Thanks for commenting. <br> <br>
Can you make a nursing bra version of this?
It shouldn't be too difficult to extend and reroute the wires a bit but I think getting it UL approved and RoHS certified might be touchy. The panels could be velcroed to open and close.as flaps. I guess people would be itching to say &quot;I am your mother&quot; or &quot;I am not your mother.&quot;
Certainly the mother would be itching.

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