Ever need to have a Stargate handy? You can wear one around your neck and have it at the ready. Ears starting to bleed from the volume of the music at the club or that Euro-chic clothing retailer outlet?  Activate the Stargate to jump to another world.  Light sequence needs to be just right.  Don't know where I'm going to but I'm on my way.

Make this piece of costume, uh, costume jewelry.  Plated in fashionable fine gold naquadah, it is quite refined in looks and operation.  The underlying technology of the Ancients may be mysterious but read on to build one yourself. But wait, there's more, Stargate Gong available too.

Step 1: Need to Make a Collect Call...

This project is about merging new world technology with old world crafting.

The Stargate Necklace is fashioned from air-hardening clay and painted in metallic gold acrylic.

The working lights or LEDs are controlled with a standalone microprocessor Attiny85.

It is powered by two CR2032 coin cells giving us about 6 volts power.


The heart of the electronics in this necklace is the Attiny85.  You need an AVR programmer to program the chip.  

You need some thin wire to use to wire the LEDs and batteries to the processor.

I threw in an on/off slide switch.

I used 130 ohm resistors to pair with each LED.

Once the wiring harness is built with all the electronics, it is encased with air-hardening clay to form the Stargate.

You can paint it the archeological dig weathered concrete gray or I chose the fancier metallic gold color.
So does this mean you are a stargate nerd?? haha. It's alright, very good job 8)
<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/gmjhowes-Managers-Command-and-Control-Seat-of-Ri/" rel="nofollow">Trekkie.</a>
Sorry, typing on iPad with clumsy thumbs! Great ible and humorous to boot. My suggestion might be to either make or buy a is tiny programmer. I use them at work and are pretty inexpensive. This might help you in the future.
Haha, interesting dyslexic interpretation of ibles. I'll have to use that one. <br> <br>I guess it would be as easy to build or buy a straight to PC AVR programmer but because I had the arduino and some parts around, you could do it for &quot;free&quot;. And as always, things are never as easy as it looks. I did learn some things though which is good. That direct hex programming of the ATTiny would scare off some as using the Arduino IDE makes it a bit easier if you are already familiar with Arduino.
Really unique bile

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