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Introduction: Stay Warm This Winter: CPU Hand Warmer

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In this small project I will show you how I repurposed an old AMD CPU to create a small, light and easy to use electric hand warmer. With the help of a small portable power bank this gadget can warm you up for around 2 and a half hours and can easily reach temperatures up to 60 degrees celcius.

Step 1: Watch the Video!

The video gives you all the info you need to build this thing. But I will also give you a few advises during the next steps.

Step 2: Get Your Parts!

Here you can find all the parts I used during this build except the CPU. But you can find an old one very easily and cheap on Ebay.


1x Arduino Nano:

1x DS18B20 Thermal Probe:

1x 10k Resistor:

1x 5V Power Bank:

1x USB Cable:

1x Arduino Nano:

1x DS18B20 Thermal Probe:

1x 10k Resistor:

1x 5V Power Bank:

1x USB Cable:

1x Arduino Nano:

1x DS18B20 Thermal Probe:

1x 10k Resistor:

1x 5V Power Bank:

1x USB Cable:

Step 3: Download the Code for the Thermometer!

Here you can find the sketch for the thermometer that I used during the video.

Don't forget to download the necessary libraries:

How to connect the DS18B20 to the Arduino Nano?:

RED --> 5V


WHITE --> D3 (digital Pin 3)

Don't forget to put a 10k pull up resistor between D3 and 5V.

Step 4: Success!

Now you know how to build a small CPU hand warmer. But don't try to use it to keep your beverages warm. That will not work!

Feel free to check out my Youtube channel for more awesome projects:

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what is this? how can ı find? can you send me this object's link?

1 reply

I found it. its name its name is breadboard

I have the same CPU as the video. Would you be willing to tell me which pins to connect the wires to. Thanks

So neat.! This guy has innovative thinking on his brain!

Why did you secure the wires with hot glue? This heats up...

Why didn't you use a resistor instead of the CPU, Resistors are 100% efficiency...

1 reply

I used epoxy on mine and it worked great, plus it looks more smooth

Great project scott, only one issue i seem to find is that my cpu handwarmer sometimes dosent work, sometimes does! I've tried it in plugs and portable chargers and only sometimes it just dosent heat up at all, any ideas why?

This way better than the other one I saw where yu get a wire and solder if to a 9volt battery.

what if I do not have an variable bench power supply? How should I measure the current draw

2 replies

Use a 5v power supply and measure the current with a multi-meter .

watch his tutorial about it here:

Cool could this be hooked up to a solar power unit?

1 reply

Why not? It should work if the solar panel can supply enough current

Neat! You found a flat heating element that would otherwise be junk. I think the flatness is important - not like a resistor... Good work :)

couldn't find the like button but definitely liked it

brilliant, now I know what to do with a bunch of old Intel processors

I really like this, never thought about it before. Now I'm going through all my tubs of bits and bobs! Thanks.