I just got my steamship back from the shop. To my surprise this hand torch was sitting on the boiler cask. A mechanic must have left it behind. I’ll return it after my daughter uses it Trick-or-Treating. Good thing the intake tubing doubles as a lanyard.


Poplar wood                 Donor LED light
Plexi glass                    2 AA batteries
16 gage steel wire        Brass beading wire
Misc. Wood screws      #14 rubber o-rings
¼” Vinyl tubing             3/16” brass rod
bullet shells                  20 gage copper
1” copper pipe              Window screen
Screw hook                  Penny
Shelf support                Purple Spay paint
Concrete Stain             Black Spray paint
Polyurethane coating   Black sharpie
Gun Bluing                   Electrical wire
Momentary Switch       Thumb tacks
Hot glue                        Wood stain  

All of em’

Step 1: Find Your LED Lights

First I picked up a press light from the home improvement store. My hat off to Sylvania on the construction. It was VERY well made and took more effort than I expected to tear down.

I took the 3 LED setup and the chromed back plate.
are you German? Who has this at home? nicely done but how are we to make something like this, without those machines
<p>This is fricken aweeeesome!!!!! I love it! :)</p>
<p>I LOVE this flashlight. I know this is an older posting but me and my husband have just come across it. Are there more detailed instructions on how to build this if I download the PDF? Thank you so much for sharing this project. </p>
<p>This looks super sweet man...</p>
<p>Man this looks cool.</p>
I love the style of this - it looks awesome! Have you made anything else steampunk? :)
My only other attemp was the music in the video for this. :)
you know I truly hate you....-grumbles- just kidding!!! <br> <br>your my hero...I love this.
Great job, I really like the fact you used other parts to construct it instead of just decorating a functional one, I admire the fun aspect of your project, I often take the fun out of mine by overthinking the details, I really like the variety of materials and style.
Fantastic old flashlight with modern interior. Congratulations with your prize!
Once again, very impressive project! Amazing craftsmanship!!!
Awesome! <br>One question, Why is a steampunk flashlight (and other steampunk related items) so complicated and over designed? Isn't a flashlight only a light bulb, a reflector, a lens, a battery, and a switch? Crazy punks. you'd think with all that rigamarole it would light up like a saber.
Because it runs on high voltage, and a steam reservoir. Steampunk tends not to use anything less than 10,000 volts for anything. :)
I don't know about that, but I think the thing is cool myself. Great wirehacking job :) <br> <br>Now YOU might want to go to Walmart and get a 2 dollar flashlight ... but this one not only produces light. It also emanates the creativity of the designer. That's why it's cool :) <br> <br>Seriously ... <br> <br>Lynn
Great design! So cool! I am insanely jealous of your workshop, too. :)
Thanks. Just 2 years ago my &quot;workshop&quot; was a piece of scrap carpet on concrete.
Not bad. The bed in my trailer converts into a computer repair shop during the daytime, then I move all my computer stuff somewhere else to sleep. We hackers use what we can and do what we can. I love your projects ... <br> <br>Lynn in New Orleans, LA.
You know, you leave me gob smacked each time you post a new project. If you won't marry me, will you adopt me? ;-)
Cute :) :)
I now pronounce you Mrs. CrimsonCrow-Balleng:)
You made my morning!
This is a very well made flash light! Thank you for your excellent post.
Thanks for the complement.
Now this is really COOL!!!!... :D <br>voted for this!!!... :))
Awesome! Thanks for the vote!
This is awesome!
i like how you incorporated bullet shells into this project, thats really cool
Love it! Thanks for sharing. <br>sunshiine
Sweet job
Love that you used a wooden base - very neat :D
I like it. I like working with flashlights. Good job.

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