Introduction: Steampunk Footprint Keepsake

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Immoratalise your child's footprints with this unique Steampunk themed artwork. No clay. A little paint. And gears. Oh my will there be gears!

Step 1: Materials

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You will need:

  • Paint
  • Plain White Paper
  • Photo Frame
  • Painters Tape
  • Glue
  • Gears
  • Decorative Paper

Step 2: Footprints

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Using a paper towel dab the child's foot with paint. Once the bottom of the foot is painted press the foot onto the paper. Repeat this step with both feet.

Step 3: Gears

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I used the laser cutter to cut out the gears. The gears I used were 1'' for the bigger ones and 0.4'' for the smaller ones. Make sure that you save the center pieces from the gears as they will come in handy.

Step 4: Laying Out the Gears

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Tape the footprints to the back side of the glass using painter's tape. Begin laying out your gears on top of the footprints. Once I had all the gears laid out I used the middle pieces of the gears to fill up the empty spaces.

Step 5: Glueing

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Glue down your gears. Make sure that you are using a glue that works for both glass and wood. Most importantly make sure that you use a glue that dries completely clear.

Once it is completely dry remove the footprints from the back of the glass.

Step 6: Paper and Poem

Picture of Paper and Poem

Find a nice piece of paper that will fit in your frame. I used a printer for my poem. The poem I chose reads:

Two little feet with ten tiny toes

Isn't it strange how quickly time goes?

Footprints so small but this will not last

You change each day you'll grow so fast

These two little footprints will help me recall how little you were

When your feet were so small

Step 7: Put It Together

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Place the paper and the glass into the frame. Now you have a very beautiful and unique take on children's footprint art.


Cats Dragon (author)2016-08-25

Very nice idea and unique. I like it very much!

vipercmd (author)Cats Dragon2016-08-27

Thank you!

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