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Inspired by the other steampunk goggle instructables, I wanted to make my own, but lacked the resources, mainly leather. So scrounging around, I came up with these goggles using a baseball, the hem from some jeans, and a couple Gatorade lids. I managed to make these for a grand total of zero dollars, but some costs may arise if you don't have all the materials laying around.

Step 1: Parts List

Picture of Parts List
Here's what you'll need to make these goggles:

  • baseball
  • two Gatorade lids
  • hem from jeans
  • thin clear plastic
  • black and metallic spray paint
  • needle and thread
  • utility knife
  • Gorilla glue or comparable adhesive
  • hot glue gun
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666man85 years ago
i was wondeing if i could use something different than a hem from some jeans for a strap.

my idea was a childs leather belt

lharrawood3 months ago

hey i found that if you use Arizona Sweet tea, Green tea,(the 1 Gal. Version) the design on the lid gives you a perfect circle to work with for the hole, I also learned that a three litre bottle lid when traced onto clear plastic fits perfectly into it.

CrazyKNIFEGuy3 months ago

wow love the goggle I made the ones like yours but I'm thinking on adding on stuff I'll try to show u if I can find my camera

dehoagi012 months ago

Omgoodness!!!!!! Steampunk goggles!!!!!!!!! $ $


I'm dedicating my weekend to this project.
I might substitute the Gatorade lids with something else though...hmmm..
Awesome!! =]
hi, does anyone know what size bottle the gatorade lids are from plse? and how is best to get the circle out thanks

I used a drill press which worked pretty good and had pretty smooth edges.

Milk thing lids maybe?
kierens1 year ago

I used a bunch of my money to buy all of the materials but when i spray painted the baseball it just got all sticky and never dried T-T

I never had the chance to make it.

Noah3601 year ago
would a soft ball work??
benfarhner (author)  Noah3601 year ago
A softball would definitely work, but you may need to cut it down to fit properly. The leather from a baseball is just about the perfect size.
Xairathan2 years ago
A tip for getting out the sticky strings, use an exacto knife or some similar implement to take out the sticky strings clostes to the edges/seams of the ball, then yank hard. If you do it right the entire mass should come up like a web rather than strand by strand.
monsterlego4 years ago
cool, i made mine with PVC pipe, instead of Gatorade caps.
me to! :P
Xyyme3 years ago
Working on my own pair of these right now, tho I suggest some substitutes for the gatoraid caps; laundry detergent jug lids, and Arizona(tea) lids
I plan to use one of each, and hopefully it'll work pretty well. Also gonna use a more bronze/gold color for them instead of silver. I'll drop a pic by here once they're done...and once I have a camera lol
Using a baseball is genius!
I concur! I've been wanting to find some type of leather to use w/o buying from a fabric/material store since I don't really know how to cut or work w/it. The baseball hide's perfect, it's already got the perfect circular shape!
Delireus5 years ago
I just love these, I used it as a base for some goggles I had to make for a class. When I first saw your goggles, the edges of the baseball looked like a zipper track. I liked it so much I added zippers to mine. Everyone thought the idea of a baseball skin was genius, and I agree. Thanks so much for this tut, I couldn't have made mine without this.

I am digging your work here! Those are VERY pretty!!!
benfarhner (author)  Delireus5 years ago
I absolutely love it! An excellent job. I'm glad you liked my instructable; it definitely inspired quite a work of art from you :)
newb4 years ago
dude this is awesome, and thank you from actually doing an 'ible and not just putting pics like some people. and as for the lids you could take a dremel with a sanding drum and smooth out the inside.
build524 years ago
what is steampunk?
jfarman4 years ago
curling iron!! if you don't want the edges to be rough and you have a curling iron you never use that might work! (i literaly JUST thought of this so i'll post whether or not it works!) (=
jfarman jfarman4 years ago
it didn't work. my iron didn't get hot enough
I love the instructable, unfortunately I don't have a baseball around the house. What I do have is a TON of tennis balls. Do you think those would work? I may sacrifice one anyway just to see but I would appreciate your input first.

Thank you!
benfarhner (author)  LunaSweetBlood4 years ago
I used a baseball because of the leather. Tennis balls are hollow and made of some kind of rubber material with a fuzzy coating, so you might be able to cut the shape you want but you probably won't have much luck getting it to bend the way you want or sewing it. Go to the closest high school and see if you can find one in the bushes by the field :)
LucDaRocka14 years ago
hey wasup yeah im gonna use little pieces of pvc for the subsitute of the gatorade or powerade caps. but l love the baseball idea.
Quinnamon4 years ago
i cut out a hole and then i used a "rat tail" file to sand mine down.
Captin696 years ago
you could use a Soldering iron to make the edges round thats what i did
but would the plastic melt to the iron?
LbpWaffles5 years ago



This is a great project. It's made of simple junk from around the house, it's easy to make, and doesn't sacrifice the looks!
mabye instead of glueing the lids down glue what the lids screw on to down so you can unscrew the lenses and have another pair of lenses you can screw in so you can have regular lenses (for steampunk airship piloting lol) sunglass lenses,and weilding mask lenses (so you can weld and not burn out your corneas while looking steampunk
benfarhner (author)  naruto the ninja135 years ago
Actually I really like this idea. Let me know if you make a pair like this! I just might myself :)
 It seems Quite easy, but when you think about, EVERYTHING in this is interchangeable with anything about the same size. Baseball to Leather. Plastic to Glass (maybe), Jeans to leather strap. It's basically a guideline to making the goggles yourself, you can use ANYTHING though. And that's why I love this, The interchangeability. 
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