Step 8: Brass eyelet alternative

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After I finished this Instructable, I found some brass eyelets at my local 99 cents store which I realized would fit perfectly inside the "F" type video plug on my Steampunk USB Cable. While the laced cable fits perfectly through the eyelet, I couldn't get the eyelet over the shrinkable wire wrap.

In an attempt to shrink the wire wrap just a bit more, I ended up burning the bootlace! So I removed the wire wrap, unlaced the cable, and fed it back through the other end. (The burn will be concealed inside the keyboard).

So here are instructions for using brass eyelets instead of shrinkable wire wrap. I think this final product has a much cleaner, "steampunkier" look.

Glue the eyelet to the base of the "F" type video adaptor, and glue another eyelet to the female-to-female video connector. (I wish I had some Gorilla Glue for this;-)

Thread the laced cable through the adaptor and connector.

Attach the spliced end to your favorite steampunk or dieselpunk device.

Enjoy the compliments on your new Steampunk USB Cable!

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Note: I had originally intended this cable for my Decopunk Keyboard, but decided it was too short. So instead I attached it to my Steampunk USB mini-Lantern.