Steampunk Goggles "N-Axis"





Introduction: Steampunk Goggles "N-Axis"

Ladies and gentlemen. I offer you my new project.
About 80 individual parts, more than 60 man-hours spent on implementation.
Ultra flexible design, complete anatomical adaptation.
Natural authentic materials and technology.
Photos of the process are attached.



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    tutorial plz

    Are the right lens telescopic? That is, 'zoom in'? If so, EPIC! I love all of your stuff so if u post on youtube, you just earned a subscriber.

    Great job, they look totally realistic and usable. I would like to use one of the photos for my scrapbook project! Well done.

    Ok, I have to ask after seeing the third project from you Gogglerman, how do you do it? I'm one who learns best from step by step instructions. From what I can see of your pictures you do a lot of metalworking for fashion the pieces for your projects. Could you offer some more information about the early steps in the process? How do you go about your design and then where do you find the raw materials to use? Excellent work! Top Notch! Movie Quality! Hope you find satisfaction in your hobby because as stated before you could easily sell these for a profit. Keep up the good work and look forward to seeing your next project!

    Absolutely phenomenol! I have never seen craftsmanship as absolutely terrific and skillful as yours. Keep the instructables comming!

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    I wish that "steampunk" would just go away! It has outlived its novelty, though I never did like it. Sorry

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    It is pleasant that the announcement of an unexpected political statement you chose my instructables.
    Thank you;)

    Wow! Kool gear! It's a shame not to be on age to wear so an amazing piece of art gear,on the other hand it makes me wondering...

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    Great set of Goggles .. I would not mind a pair of them myself..
    Do you sell these little gems? If you do what would you charge?
    Great stuff keep up the good work !! Don Fl

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    I have 2 things to say


    If you need more instructions than these phenomenal step by step photos, this project is beyond you. Go develop some skills in this area. Numchuck skills aren't going to cut it :P

    You use a torch on that? i use propane and acetylene torches at school in metal-tech and i burn holes through things and my welds/solders are messy as hell. You are a master.