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pcastleberry (author)2013-01-20

could you email me a parts list?

Honda Enoch (author)2012-09-30

Where is the "How To"? This is not a DIY this is a show case.

sheimerdinger (author)2012-09-17

Do you sell your work?

tinker234 (author)2011-10-23

how much can you zoom in on it

gogglerman (author)tinker2342011-10-23

This is an imitation. There's no lens.

tinker234 (author)gogglerman2011-11-04

ohh okay

iterabusui (author)2011-10-07

Reminds me of Thief, with Garrett's eye being all telescopic and all.

I can be him now!

eamc317 (author)2011-06-28

What about adding the Diaphragm to the zoom, to give it a 'camera zoom' effect? Thanks for sharing, it looks great!

gogglerman (author)eamc3172011-06-28

As well as a drive, you can use the zoom lens a small steam engine :)
Thank you

eamc317 (author)gogglerman2011-08-31

Thats a really neat idea. Maybe in the the near future?

DehLeprechaun (author)2011-08-21

do you think you could make/make an instructable :) for welding goggles, steampunk style?

gogglerman (author)DehLeprechaun2011-08-22

I think that I will not be able to make the welding goggles in steampunk goggles.
This is not possible. I am sorry :)

DehLeprechaun (author)gogglerman2011-08-22

D'oh >.<

thanks I wasn't sure anyway =)

jslaga (author)2011-08-16

have you ever considered selling these? they're amazing

eklipse (author)2011-07-29

Someone should hire you for wardrobe and style consultation for the next Steampunk themed movie. Serious. I'm glad you craft all of this stuff and I hope you enjoy it and keep doing it.

gogglerman (author)eklipse2011-07-30

Thank you. I just love doing cute but unnecessary things :) I do not develop concepts. I don't know how to.

didgitalpunk (author)gogglerman2011-08-01

you sould try doing glasses with polarised glass, to reduce or even block light.

gogglerman (author)didgitalpunk2011-08-01

For what?

didgitalpunk (author)gogglerman2011-08-01

if you put a piece of polarized glass on top of another one you get a normal view but if you turn it 90° it becomes very dark and so it could do a sun-glasses like effect.

gogglerman (author)didgitalpunk2011-08-01

OK. I'll employ it somewhere, if I find natural silica glass with polarizing coating. I do not use plastic, acrylic, and other polymers.

tyeo098 (author)2011-06-27

Soo... does it actually provide optical zoom?

gogglerman (author)tyeo0982011-07-29

No. ZOOM are not real. It's just moving colored glass.

wanderson1 (author)tyeo0982011-07-29

I was wondering the same thing. Can anyone clarify please?

might as well ne, it would be very plain if they were just normal glass

noahh (author)2011-07-29

Very cool. What do you use for the lenses?

gogglerman (author)noahh2011-07-29

It is not plastic. It is a real optical color glass. Carved himself, with the assistance of the diamond tool

vektor (author)2011-07-28

love it!

boocat (author)2011-07-28

Goggles are so important in the windy New Mexico Springtime. Thanks for the inspiration. Your work is beautiful.

justjimAZ (author)2011-06-28

You truly are an artist. I subscribe just to marvel at the work you do. Beautiful!

gogglerman (author)justjimAZ2011-06-28

Very pleased. Thank you)

krister M (author)2011-06-27

Dang you inspire me so much with your work. the goggles you make are beautiful!

doomsdayltd (author)2011-06-27

wow just wow some of the best work i have ever seen!

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