could you email me a parts list? <br>
Where is the &quot;How To&quot;? This is not a DIY this is a show case.
Do you sell your work? <br>
how much can you zoom in on it
This is an imitation. There's no lens.
ohh okay
Reminds me of Thief, with Garrett's eye being all telescopic and all.<br><br>I can be him now!
What about adding the Diaphragm to the zoom, to give it a 'camera zoom' effect? Thanks for sharing, it looks great!
As well as a drive, you can use the zoom lens a small steam engine :) <br>Thank you
Thats a really neat idea. Maybe in the the near future?
do you think you could make/make an instructable :) for welding goggles, steampunk style?
I think that I will not be able to make the welding goggles in steampunk goggles.<br>This is not possible. I am sorry :)
D'oh &gt;.&lt;<br><br>thanks I wasn't sure anyway =)
have you ever considered selling these? they're amazing
Someone should hire you for wardrobe and style consultation for the next Steampunk themed movie. Serious. I'm glad you craft all of this stuff and I hope you enjoy it and keep doing it.
Thank you. I just love doing cute but unnecessary things :) I do not develop concepts. I don't know how to.
you sould try doing glasses with polarised glass, to reduce or even block light.
For what?
if you put a piece of polarized glass on top of another one you get a normal view but if you turn it 90&deg; it becomes very dark and so it could do a sun-glasses like effect.
OK. I'll employ it somewhere, if I find natural silica glass with polarizing coating. I do not use plastic, acrylic, and other polymers.
Soo... does it actually provide optical zoom?
No. ZOOM are not real. It's just moving colored glass.
I was wondering the same thing. Can anyone clarify please?
might as well ne, it would be very plain if they were just normal glass
Very cool. What do you use for the lenses?
It is not plastic. It is a real optical color glass. Carved himself, with the assistance of the diamond tool
love it!
Goggles are so important in the windy New Mexico Springtime. Thanks for the inspiration. Your work is beautiful.
You truly are an artist. I subscribe just to marvel at the work you do. Beautiful!
Very pleased. Thank you)
Dang you inspire me so much with your work. the goggles you make are beautiful!<br>
wow just wow some of the best work i have ever seen!

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