Steampunk Goggles With Iris Diaphragm. Mini-worklog.


Introduction: Steampunk Goggles With Iris Diaphragm. Mini-worklog.



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    I'm in the making of my very first pair of Steampunk goggles. I've made some prototypes on paper and leather, but until now I'm giving brass and copper a try and I've found quite difficult to curve the metal into the cylindric shape it has to cover the eye.
    so I have a question, which is the ⌀ of the cylinder you are using in the 15th picture to strap the metal around? Since I'm more likely to go and buy a piece of solid aluminium to have it always at hand I prefer to have the measurement someone is already using instead of buying something too small or too big, since money is quite a factor for me.
    Thank you. All of your work is inspiring and easy applicable in many other context.

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    I'm afraid I don't quite understand the iris. so the pins for the leaves sit on that outer ring and then there is a second pin on the other side of the ring which sits in the lower plate with slots cut in it? also how would one make the iris close fully? It looks to me like yours still has about a 1/4" hole when its in the most closed position you have. You make the most intricate and amazing pieces! keep up the good work!

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    That's right. The fact that I have used a relatively thick sheet metal. If we make the diaphragm blades are very thin, it will shut down completely.
    Thank you.

    all these amazing projects of yours (especially the watch) but no instructables! D: now i will be tormented by these... well, guess i'll try to make my own XD

    wow, that cam plate is awesome! how did you make that?

    Oh thank you, sorry For posting alot of questions on your other masterpeices, I just really love your work!

    Brass, I should be able to get a hold of that :) thank you!

    What tool did you use to cut out the numerous blades so perfectly? Amazing workmenship by the way.

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    I would appear he used a hacksaw or mill and only cut part way down
    As for the forming I'm not entirely sure how he did that. from the inside it looks cast.

    Incredible....I've seen plenty of goggles but urs is top dog. One question tho: Did u make the leaves for the iris yourself or did u get them somewhere? What material are they??

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    Thank you. On the photo you can see that I made them yourself. I don't use off-the-shelf parts. Petals (blade) aperture cut from sheet brass 0.5 mm

    This seems to be a professional explanation of the function and repair of irises, if anyone else is having the same difficulty I was in picturing the inner workings in action.

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