Steampunk spectacles #2
The new project series "steampunk eyewear". All the usual: brass, glass, silver solder. The same 80 components combined into a single object.
Traditional photography "step by step"(a lot of pictures) and nothing more.

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Hi These are brilliant do you sell these? Or can you recommend places to buy similar glasses in the UK.Please let me know.Thanks

UNDEADLY2 years ago
great work! may have missed it but how much do they weigh? just curious
gogglerman (author)  UNDEADLY2 years ago
Yes, they are very heavy. 300 grams. Real metal has to be "weighty")
scots723 years ago
ok, only one more question: where do you buy colored lenses for your goggles? are they glass or plastic?
gogglerman (author)  scots723 years ago
No plastic. The lens cut from colored glass with a special diamond tools. Diamond Glass Hole Saw Kits Set
scots723 years ago
I love your work. Beautiful. What are the small springs (with the ball bearings) from?
gogglerman (author)  scots723 years ago
I think it was part of electrical switches

Chemicus3 years ago
That´s amazing ggod work and I like to get one! I would take in a vitrine in the living room. Too good to wear!

The Chemist!
ShamWerks3 years ago
That's a brilliant work, congratulations! I love it!

Question though : what's the final surface treatment? Chrome plated? Silver plated maybe? Did you do it yourself or had a professional do it?
gogglerman (author)  ShamWerks3 years ago
There is no coverage. It's just a polished brass. In fact, the product has a glowing yellow. Photo passes wrong color)
actually the photos passes the yellowish coplor of brass pretty wel, it is more in the video that you could think there is a suface treatment.
AGAIN!another amazing work of yours ,:) i just wonder why do u wear gloves?
gogglerman (author)  the_lonely_snake3 years ago
Thank you. Gloves give me some mystery, and have become my signature style :)
Video, where a strange guy in a rubber-gloved hands fiddles with goggles, with nothing to confuse;)
ho and how many languages do you speak in total?????
gogglerman (author)  didgitalpunk3 years ago
I just use a translator intelligently;)
hmmmm. that is smart ;)
i would have thought you wore gloves so that the fingerprints you leave do not corrode the metal, so that yopur creations always look like if they were brand new.
anyway good job (again!) on this project :)
gogglerman (author)  didgitalpunk3 years ago
I thought it was so you wouldn't leave fingerprints. Very nicely done and all the adjustments are well thought out. cool..
gogglerman (author)  blanchae3 years ago
You are right. This is one reason.
Two by two... hands of blue...
srogers53 years ago
Your work is brilliant, its nice to see people who still have a sense of art and talent now a days. My question is do you make these for fun or custom for people?
gogglerman (author)  srogers53 years ago
What I do, I do for fun. It's just a hobby. Thank you.
So what do you do with these when your done? Do you display them or actually use them?
gogglerman (author)  srogers53 years ago
Selling them all at once, in bulk, when the collection will be quite large ;)
Very, very nice! I admire your skills in design and finishing. Bravo!
sflemming3 years ago
They look kinda heavy to actually wear. But I'm very impressed with your foundry machine shop work.
gogglerman (author)  sflemming3 years ago
Steampunk is always difficult, often uncomfortable, but always beautiful :)
artefacter3 years ago
I congratulate you. blog.makezine.com again you noticed.
pjotrkuh3 years ago
Very nice job, I like the way you show how you accomplished your work.

I have 1 question though, I see you "hard" soldered the pieces together, could this be done with just tin solder and brass pieces?
gogglerman (author)  pjotrkuh3 years ago
I used a solid silver solder with high melting points. Soft tin-lead solder here I have not used.
jmarquez73 years ago
puedo preguntar... para que sirve esto? perdonad mi ignorancia pero estas gafas sirven para algo en especifico?
gogglerman (author)  jmarquez73 years ago
Todo es normal. Este cosplay. Es parte del traje en el estilo de Steampunk. El atributo de estilo.
Broat - Broat.!
caralibro3 years ago
gogglerman (author)  caralibro3 years ago
Alle Dinge sind möglich. Glauben Sie mir:)
aBugBot3 years ago
Perfecta y preciosa, enhorabuena
gogglerman (author)  aBugBot3 years ago
Gracias. Me alegro que te haya gustado.
MandingaRes3 years ago
Solo por curiosidad: Si éste es tu hobby, cual es tu profesión?
gogglerman (author)  MandingaRes3 years ago
Yo trabajo en finanzas.
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