Transformations are great!!!

In this case a simple recycled brick can become a light or a river rock can become a candle holder!!!

Lots of possibilities from found materials...

Step 1: You Will Need..

Tool wise you will need a diamond cutter. I used a 10 inch wet saw with a continuous blade since it was only a brick.

Cutting concrete or stone you will need a segmented blade.

RotoZip tools have a dry diamond blade which could work for your material.

A hammer drill with the correct bit will be needed for the lamp column.

Step 2: Core the Brick...

Coring the stone or brick in  will create a chimney for the heat if using candle or a light path if using a bulb. Drill almost to the base using a depth gauge if possible. I recommend using a smaller than desired size bit first then following with the desired size afterward. The drilling will be faster and less likely to crack.

Step 3: Cut the Brick.

Cut the brick in equal segments allowing for a thick base. I cut 5 segments off of the top and left the rest intact.

Step 4: Cut the Spacers

cut spacer sections from a second piece of material. In this case a second brick. The pieces are to be used to let the light through the material. I recommend at least 1/4 of an inch thick...

One brick segment will yield at least 6 spacer segments.

A 1/2 inch hole will be drilled in the lower brick base if this an electrical lamp...

Step 5: Test the Light.

Insert and test the electrical connections to the light.

Step 6: Fix the Brick.

The cut brick now needs to be reassembled withe spacers that were cut in the previous step.

I used 5 minute epoxy for attachment. Place a spacer using epoxy between  of the one inch segments until all 5 are attached...

There will be one set of spacers on the last segment that will not be physically attached to the next set...

Step 7: Stack and Enjoy.

The light will work as intended. Be it a candle or electrical... Brick or granite...

Bricks and stones will light the homes of all that that choose to re-purpose them...
Very nice! Now I just need to find some bricks... Although, living just outside Detroit, that shouldn't be hard :-( <br> <br>Also, when you've inserted the electric light into the base section I would recommend a squirt of some kid of sealant around the lamp where the lamp's body meets the brick... <br> <br>...or where the rubber meets the road... <br> <br>... or where the bullet meets the bone... (bonus points if you name the artist &amp; song. No Google allowed :-D )
nice idea
I can't believe that you made the good ole house brick this attractive. <br> <br>Well played sir!
Very nice transformation!
wow, awesome !!! I wished I had a diamond cutter !!!<br>It's simple and special at the same time: my favorites :-)
Thanks. You can typically find used cutters on kijiji. I paid only $250 for this one and it was brand new!
Freaking awesome! Nice job, 5 stars!
Thanks, that is exactly what I was aiming for.
if you were to take one of those crystal making kits and use it on the inside of a hollow stone before doing this it would look really cool i think.
It sounds like you are trying to make a geode... Try it, I would like to know it it works...
I like the rock the best thats really cool.<br><br>What dis you use to make the round discs on the river rock?
I used a dry diamond coring bit made by Bosch. The rock takes a long time to core. The brick takes seconds...
That is an awesomely &quot;simple&quot; project! Stone/brick cutting saws can be rented from most big-box home improvement stores, so you don't even have to invest in one. Very nicely documented.

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