Picture of Brick lamp and stone light
Transformations are great!!!

In this case a simple recycled brick can become a light or a river rock can become a candle holder!!!

Lots of possibilities from found materials...

Step 1: You will need..

Picture of You will need..

Tool wise you will need a diamond cutter. I used a 10 inch wet saw with a continuous blade since it was only a brick.

Cutting concrete or stone you will need a segmented blade.

RotoZip tools have a dry diamond blade which could work for your material.

A hammer drill with the correct bit will be needed for the lamp column.
howlinPM3 years ago
Very nice! Now I just need to find some bricks... Although, living just outside Detroit, that shouldn't be hard :-(

Also, when you've inserted the electric light into the base section I would recommend a squirt of some kid of sealant around the lamp where the lamp's body meets the brick...

...or where the rubber meets the road...

... or where the bullet meets the bone... (bonus points if you name the artist & song. No Google allowed :-D )
noonemce4 years ago
nice idea
I can't believe that you made the good ole house brick this attractive.

Well played sir!
zieak4 years ago
Very nice transformation!
Random_Canadian (author)  zieak4 years ago
wow, awesome !!! I wished I had a diamond cutter !!!
It's simple and special at the same time: my favorites :-)
Random_Canadian (author)  ShirCraftalot4 years ago
Thanks. You can typically find used cutters on kijiji. I paid only $250 for this one and it was brand new!
fallental4 years ago
Freaking awesome! Nice job, 5 stars!
Random_Canadian (author)  fallental4 years ago
Thanks, that is exactly what I was aiming for.
raith20064 years ago
if you were to take one of those crystal making kits and use it on the inside of a hollow stone before doing this it would look really cool i think.
Random_Canadian (author)  raith20064 years ago
It sounds like you are trying to make a geode... Try it, I would like to know it it works...
MrOctober674 years ago
I like the rock the best thats really cool.

What dis you use to make the round discs on the river rock?
Random_Canadian (author)  MrOctober674 years ago
I used a dry diamond coring bit made by Bosch. The rock takes a long time to core. The brick takes seconds...
kelseymh4 years ago
That is an awesomely "simple" project! Stone/brick cutting saws can be rented from most big-box home improvement stores, so you don't even have to invest in one. Very nicely documented.