When children grow up, the space needed by them also grows up... Specifically more storage space...

My daughter completed her Engineering Degree last year and shifted all her belongings from the hostel to home. Her room was filled with books, cloths, suit cases and all other stuff, mostly spread on the floor. Existing steel almirah and a built-in cupboard could not hold all her things. The steel cot in the room was also taking up more space. Dumping things below the cot gave a very shabby look.

While searching for a suitable solution for this problem, I came across an idea to make a wooden platform to store all those things in an organized manner, which can also be used as a bed.

The end result is what you see here in these pictures...

Step 1: How the Room Looked Earlier

These are the pictures of how the room looked earlier...

The steel cot has taken most of the space in the room... the books and stuff were lying on the floor for want of storage space.

Please read through to see how we turned this mess into a nice looking room with lots of storage
well done sir
thank you...
How much does this cost?
<p>total cost of this is 20000 Indian Rupees, that is about 325 US Dollars</p>
<p>congraz!! great functional idea</p>
thank you...
<p>This is a great idea.</p>
thank you
<p>This is really a great project! Congratulations - I am so glad you won! </p>
<p>thank you very much...</p>
<p>that's Good .</p><p>Ilike It . Iwont to make It</p><p>tnx my bro</p>
thank you very much....
<p>Yay, antoniraj! </p>
thank you...
<p>Congrats antoniraj! Awesome project!</p><p>sunshiine</p>
thank you sunshine...
<p>Congratulations! awesome project.I am going through the winners only now.</p>
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<p>a huge congratulations sir..! :D<br>i knew this project would win the grand prize.</p>
thank you faiza...
<p>Wow... Sir ..Grand Prize... Congratulations !!!!!!</p>
thank you Tarun... most of the finalist entries are great designs and I will try my hand on some of them at home
Agree :-) but you rocked.
<p>Congratulations on Grand Prize! so who is going to grab the Kindle?? you ? wife or kids? ;-D</p>
thank you Shazni.... who will grab that is a big question as everybody want to have it.. will have to organize a small contest I think
Thats a great Idea ;)
<p>I'll have to go back to this project when I have kids! lol. Thanks it looks very useful!</p>
thank you...
<p>what a nice job. I like your design.</p><p>sunshiine</p>
thank you sunshine...
My pleasure. <br>sunshiine
<p>I love it! Very well done! I don't know anybody that can't use more storage space! </p>
thank you...
<p>That's truly a useful design , I liked it :)</p>
thank you...
<p>An elegant solution. A version of this would also convert a van or pickup to a handy camper.</p>
thank you...
<p>nice work! great for adults too!</p>
thank you...
<p>Very, very nice! The difference is amazing. Thank you for taking to time to post the idea.</p>
thank you very much...
<p>I'm sure the kids love it.</p><p>Now if you ad a seat on one of the box, and a wheel on one of the unfolded top and draw a odometer and a few I don't know what that looks like coming from a motorized vehicle you'll make a perfect car (or motorcycle now that I think of it) for the kids. They will travel in places where no adult could ever go !&hellip; You can also ad another bench in the next box so that one child takes a passenger with him / her &hellip; </p><p>Great job ! </p><p>Thanks for posting !</p>
you are very imaginative... thank you very much....
<p>Great design! </p>
thank you Penolopy Bulnick..

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